I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


10. Next morning

Alice Prov

Next morning I woke up in the bed I was still in the black dress I saw all my bags in the room So I got up and made the bed and went in my Suitcases And got out grey long Joggers And a black long sleeve V neck nek shirt and my under wear bra and socks and then I got out a towell and went in the shower there was a shower in the room I went in I wash my hair in shampoo and condishner And then I wash my body in body wash I brought all my stuff to shower if your wondering where she get soaps at and stuff and then I brush my teeth and wash my face in face washes and then I rinced and then came out I'm gonna skip 3mintutes after putting my clothing on and brushing my hair I came out the bathroom I hear a lot of laughing and yelling so then I put on sneakers and then went out side the room I seem stairs that leads down stairs so i went down stairs and I saw everybody they stop laughing
Me:Oh I'm sorry I'm messing up the moment
Louis el Danielle Harry Liam perrie Zayn niall:your not
Louis niall Liam:you okay ally you look kinda awkward
Me:Um well I don't really know you and I never been in this house so yeah a little
Liam:Dont worry you get to know us you got today to get know us
Me:Why today I said laughing a little
Niall:Because tomorrow Where Flying to Ireland
Me:Oh Cool SOoo
What's your guys Name I never got them I said to them
Liam:I'm Liam
Harry:I'm Harry I'm Harry styles Harry Edward styles
Louis:Harry you can't get her Shes preagneat and she's nialls So stay away
Oh yeah I'm Louis wonderful Tommo Tomlinson
Zayn:Im Zayn
Perrie:I'm perrie I'm zayns girlfriend
Dan:I'm Danielle Liam Girlfriend
Eleanor:I'm Eleanor you can call me el for short or eleanore oh yeah I'm Louis Girlfriend
Niall:Im niall
Me:Yeah I know who you are it's nice meeting you guys
Everybody:nice meeting you to
After that day we all got to know each other we went to a carnival then to a restaurant
Then everybody went home Liam n Dan Zayn n perrie n Harry n himself lol
It was just me el Lou n niall n me
Where in the front talking
El:So how you guys meet
Me:Um my mom owns a nightclub and I was hiding for her cause she wants me to get married and have kids and take over the business so I was hiding in the club and my mom was screaming my name all over the club and then I went to the bar side
And I was talking and niall just stop me so yeah
El:oh okay
Louis:So niall Turing 19 on septmeber 13
Me:so I'm older
Louis:how old are you
Louis:when your birthday
Louis:February what
Me:The 4
Louis:Oh okay Harry birthday is 3days earlier
Me:his birthday is on the 1st
Niall:nothing um we got a flight at 5 in the morning
Me:um about that I can't go
Niall:What you mean
Me:I have no money to go its 1,900$ hundred
Niall Louis elenor laugh at that
Me:what's so funny
Me:tell me
Niall:I'm paying for it
Me:Wohhh I yelled
Me:Im mean thanks niall
They all laughed
Niall:So I'm gonna go to bed
Me:Where you going
Niall:up to the room to sleep
Me:dont go up stairs in the room alone
Me:I get lonely in the room and im afraid of
The dark I wisperd to myself
Louis:What happen
Me:I get lonely and I'm afraid of the dark I said this time regular
Niall:So you want me to sleep by you he chuckled
Niall:Sure he said chucking
Me:Thanks okay guys see ya good night
I grab niall by the hand and ran upstairs
He said when I grab him from the hand
I ran in the room
Niall:You okay
Me:Um yeah just tired
Niall:okay I'm gonna get change so ill be back
He left and I went in the suitcases and grab pink pjs and took off my shoes and put them on
He came back
I went in bed then he was about to close the light
Me:na no no no
Me:I don't like being in the dark
Niall:you seriouse
Niall:don't worry Il hold you till you sleep ill protect you
After that he closed the light and went in bed he rap his hand around me and my face was in his chest I am really afraid of the dark so I couldn't sleep
I look up niall was still up

Niall:I said I would hold you till you sleep and protect you
Me:are you sure
Niall:I'm sure now go to sleep ally cause I'm tired
I fell asleep then niall fell asleep

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