I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


5. Next day

Next day I woke up I saw Alice naked and then I seen her eyes open and then she had that look like she was gonna trow up so she ran to the bathroom in the room and start throwing up i got up put some pants on and I was holding her hair now I feel bad oh shit I forgot to tape it i feel bad for this girl now she's throwing up because of me she was trowing up bad
She trow up the alcohol then she stop and look and me
Alice:Im sorry
Me:It's okay it's all my fault
Alice:Its not
Then she trow up again
Me:Eat peanut butter u feel better this is just a hung over
Alice:Thanks this is my first
Now I feel really bad
Me:I think there's brand new tooth brush in the bathroom they come whit it
She got up and start brushing her teeth and then she put her clothing on
Then she ran back to the bathroom and start throwing up Again and i ran after her and I was holding her hair and now she's crying and trowing up
I hate Louis Zayn Harry I feel really bad this girl is crying and trowing up because of me
She stopped And then she look at me crying whit tears falling down like a ocean
I went and hug her she was still crying and hugging me
Me:Im so sorry
Alice:Everything hurts she said while crying
Me:Im sorry what hurts
Alice:My head my back my tummy my arms my legs everything
She said crying bad
Me:Im so so sorry
Now hung overs they don't hurt all you do is trow up all day well half of the day and what we did Wasn't that bad for her to be crying as bad as she crying now what did I do I think it's from last night her body I don't think It could not Handel it
I let go she let go
I need fresh air I gotta go get something to eat
Me:Im gonna go get something to eat you want anything
Me:ill be back I went down stairs to go get something for her to eat

all I Remember doing bad stuff whit niall and then I woke up whit pain all over my body and feel like trowing up so I trow up niall went down stairs to eat and get me something

I went and got her a new tooth brush and I got her pancakes and went up stairs
I gave her the pancakes she open the plat of pancakes she looks at it then she ran to the bathroom And start trowing up bad again
Me:Normal you would stop trowing up like 1hour ago
Alice:Did u use protection Niall
Me:Fuck No
Me:What happen
Alice:Give me 10dollars
Alice:Just give me the 10dollars
I gave her that 10dollars she left her phone charging so now I know she not gonna leave she walk out

I might be preagneat So I ask niall 10dollars and I ran to the closes ride aid and ran to the tests and got 2boxs of the tests and paid for them I ran back to the hotel And ran in the room
And ran in the bathroom Niall was on the bed eating by the way

I took the tests I was waiting and waiting then I trow up again then I was done trowing up then I look at the tests it was taking time for it to load I took 4 tests and then it came up here's where I die it said yes I drop down to floor crying really really really bad like I think I never cry as bad as I crying right now I was screaming at the same time niall comes rushing in he see me on the floor crying bad


I couldn't not talk that's how bad I was crying

Niall:Alice what happen

Me:Im I'm I'm.... Pr pr preagneat

Niall Had that look like what did I get myself in

Niall:How did this happen don't answer that I know how it happen how do you know

Me:The the the tests

He goes to the sink and he looks at the tests a tear came from his eye

I WENT OUT OF THE bathroom Im very very scared now
I went and called the boys

Calling Louis
Louis:hello niall
Me:Fuck u
Louis:What did I do
Me:Fuck u fuck Zayn fuck Harry
Louis:What happen
Me:Bacause of yous I got a girl preagneat
Louis:How I told u to fuck a girl leave her not screw her and get her preagneat
Me:Well fuck u
Louis:me n boys n the girls will be comming just text me the hotal
He hung up and I text him the hotal
Alice comes out
Alice:So I was a bet I'm a fucking bet do i look like a fucking bet she said in a mad and anger then again sad and crying voice
Me:Well yes but no
Alice:So what is it now niall your gonna leave me
Me:um um um
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