I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


40. jealouse are you

Nialls Prov....
me and Tracey Was Joking And Laughing and playing around this is like the old times I'm so happy to have a friend like Tracey is always There to make me smile Everybody went to sleep early I don't know why its been 3hours since they went to sleep Now me and Tracey Is watching a movie and eating pop corn she laying down on me her head is on my lap and I was stroking her hair and where eating popcorn watching a funny movie then Tracey began to talk.....Tracey:Niall Dont You Miss the old Times.....Me:Yeah...She took her head off my lap And then she began to tickle me and I start running And then she ran after me And then She jump on my Back and still tickling Me now I'm laughing loud and me and Tracey Was Screaming From the tickling me you know when you get tickled and then you start laughing and yelling then I drop her off on the couch and i went on top of her tickling her Then I see Alice at the top of the stairs.....Alice:WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!......Me:It's Not What it looks Like.....Tracey:Yeah Lighten Up A little Im Not taking your man where only having fun here....Me:Screw You....Me:Alice What the fuck is rung whit you...I got off Tracey and went up to her....me:hold on your swearing on me but have you see What this looks like.....Me:Excuse Me But its my friend okay it's not my girlfriend I'm not cheating on you....Me:What ever don't Talk to me okay....Me:WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN YOUR
JEALOUSE BEACUSE I WAS ONLY HAVING FUN LIKE THE OLD TIMES!!!......Alice:WELL LET ME TELL YOU SOMTHING NIALL YOUR 19 YEARS OLD THIS ANT THE OLD TIMES OKAY YOU HAVE A CHILD A DAUGHTER YOU ARE A FATHER THERE'S NO TIME FOR YOU TO BE JOKING AND TRYING TO TURN EVERYTHING BACK LIKE THE OLD TIMES!!!......me:You acting like I'm married to you....Alice:You know what your right but we are going out and we do have a child together......then Liam and Danielle come out of there rooms.....Liam:Okay What is going on....Me:Nothing Everything's Just So Fucking Fine......Niall.Yeah Im Fucking fine.....Then Sophia start crying Alice stop what she was doing and ran in the room to Stop the crying I ran after her...me:great you woke up are daughter....Alice:Me excuse me I don't go up to a friend that is boy and go on top of him and start tickling him....Niall:you know what shut up give me my Daughter...Alice:your daughter Im sorry our daughter She came out of me not you....Niall:Yeah But I fucked You And Thats Why she's born so yeah she's half mine.....alice:Oh wow Your so smart niall so fucking smart She Went Down stairs Whit Sophia and I followed her Tracey was on the couch On the phone.....Niall:Give me my daughter I can take care of her myself I don't need you.....alice:Wow Niall you wanna Break up Cause Let me tell you break up whit me Im not leaving my daughter behind....Niall:okay let's shake on it Come on wanna end it...she dident speak she got the powder milk And put it in the baby bottle and the she put water in there and heated it up
Me:So I'm still waiting for my answer are we done Or what.....Alice:Leave me alone I'm feeding our daughter She got the bottle and test if it was hot or not then she was holding the baby And feeding her once she was all done she burp her then put the bottle in the sink And went up stairs In to Sophia's room And then she change her And then rocked her till she fell asleep Then she put her in the crib And put the blinket on the baby and walk out and in to are bed
Me:Alice.....Alice:leave me alone okay.....She took off her rope Now she is naked whit just underwear....me:As much as I like to see you naked right now I want my answer....Alice:Get away from me...she went in bed After that I took off my pants and my shirt and change To Just underwear Alice was staring at me....me:Are you just gonna look at me or you gonna give me my answer she rolled over on her side and closed her eyes and put the blinket over her I went on my side And then fell asleep
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