I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


20. I'm lost

I can't breath I started to get hyperventilated I can't breath in lost my phone rings
It said niall on the Caller Id

Niall:Yeah you okay
Me:no I don't know I'm lost help me I'm scared I don't know how to get back to the house
Niall:what happen
Me:I went a little shopping now I'm lost in scared help me please come quick please
Niall:okay where are you
Me:I don't know
Niall:Ask Sombody
Me:I can't see anybody there's nobody here I'm in the midel of nowhere and I'm scared
I say crying on the phone
Niall:Where did come first
Me:21 Mary Street, Dublin, Co. Dublin
Niall:Oh I know where you are
Me:come quick
Niall:I'm coming I gotta let you go
Me:noooo please don't hang up please
Niall:okay I'm not gonna hang up me and drew will be there in 10minurss where not that far away
I could niall starting the car on the phone
10minutes later
Me:niall where are you
Niall:I'm here
Me:where are you I can't see you
Niall:I can see you turn around and look right
I did as I was told and I see niall and drew
I ran as fast to niall and jump and cry on his shoulder
Niall:Wohh Somebody miss me
Me:I did I was scared
I said crying in his shoulder
Drew:Why she crying
Niall:Shes scared
He said laughing a little bit
Me:I thought I wasn't gonna see you again
Niall:It's okay let it out Alice
He said hugging me he was holding me whit my arms rap around his nek and my feel rap around his wast and my face in his shoulder
Niall:You know you should of told me you wanted to go shopping I could of take you
Me:but you where whit drew I don't wanna mess up your guy time
Niall:no you wouldn't cause me and drew would be hanging out when you shop
Me:Im sorry
Niall:What you apologizeing for
Me:I don't know I really miss you
Niall:miss you to Ally
I got off him
Niall:Ready to go
Me:Um Yeah I got you something
Me:yeah hold on
I went to the bags and brought them over I gave him the pollo bag
He look at the shoes and the shirt
Me:you like them
Niall:I love them thanks
Me:your welcome I was walking around today thinking of you and then I thought let me get niall something
Niall:well I love the present
We hug again he kiss me on the cheek and we got the bags and walk
Me:oh I'm sorry Drew I forgotten How are you
Drew:Im Fine you okay
Me:Never been better
We made it to the car and then Went and put the bags in the trunk if the car it was a rang over I was gonna sit in the back
Drew:what you doing sit in the front
Me:no you sit in the front
Drew:No you sit it's more healthy for the baby it more space for the baby
Me:what you mean
Drew:Well I know a couple things about babies and that is when the mother is carting the baby she much have open space
Me:oh thanks
I went in the front and we drove to the house
Me:um your mom called and she said for you to drop me off
Niall:oh okay want me to drop you off
Niall:ill put your bags in the closet
Me:oh thanks
Niall:your welcome
We drove to nialls mom place I walk in and niall and drew drove off
I walk in
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