I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


24. I'm home

There eyes where full of tears
Grandparents:Oh My God Ally Cat is that you
Me:Yeah it's me
Grandparents:What you doing here are you okay do you Need anything
Me:Umm no I Came here to live here
Grandparents:Okay that's great
Me:Oh one more thing I'm preagneat
Grandparents:You What
Me:Gammy.... pop
Grandmother:Who's the father what the father language
Me:His Name Is Niall Horan Hes Irish
Grandparents:Oh Irish it's okay
Me:Wait your not mad
Grandparents:No Not at all
Me:Then What Was My Mother problem She Kick me out
Grandparents:oh before you and and your brothers and sister were born and before your dad n your mom got married she had a Irish boy friend I'm sure she will forgive you by next week
Me:well I left her and moved in whit niall and everything was fine and I thought he loved me or liked but no I was rung he kick me out we went to a resurant and then a waiter was being all nice to me and then he got all mad I don't know why
Grandparents:well sweetie that why he got mad cause the waiter
Grandparents:you have noting to worrie about you can stay And live whit us
Your ants and anculs and your cousins will be here to work the late shift you can hang out whit them rather you go home whit us now or you wanna do the shift to
Me:Um Not sure yet since when did did the bakery open up to a 24 hour thing
Grandparents:oh when we open up are pizza store
Me:wait you have a pizza store what made you open up a pizza store
Grandparents:from the restaurant we open
Me:iv been away from home long enough um I gonna go home whit you pop and Gammy
Grandparents:okay Go enough
Bake man:oh I'm sorry
Me:you better be ill have you fired I got my eyes on you
Bake man:yes sir I'm mean girl woman
I laught at that
Grandparents;I see u still have your accent
Later my hole family came gave me hugs kisses we talk I told them about the one night stand whit niall and everything half was hurt half was happy about me having a baby anyways after that me and my grandparents left the bakery I got my stuff and we drove to the house they showed me to the room It was big it had a big closet and a bathroom big bed big flat screen Tv I pack my clothing and stuff and took a shower putted on sweats and a t shirt I went down stairs my Gammy was cooking we ate I help her clean later that night I unpack everything I fix my bed I putted on nice currents I fix the bathroom in a nice pink and blue look like a Cotten candy bathroom lol it smell like Cotten candy to I went to sleep after that
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