I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


6. I'm gonna kill them

Alice PROV

Alice:So what is it Niall I'm a fucking bet are you gonna leave me huh
Niall:Umm haha
Alice:Why is this funny for you this is all your fault
Niall:How is it my fault
Alice:I told u if I get really realy drunk to take me to my mom
Niall:Okay it's my fault wait let's go to the hospital and just see if your really preagneat
Me:Let's go
Me:For what
Niall:I gotta wait for my friends
Me:Really you gotta wait for your friends your a Big boy
Niall:Yes I have to
Me:This wasn't gonna happen if I went up and talk to my mom
Niall:Well you see it is both are faults
Me:Fuck you
Niall:Why are you swearing on me
Me:Cause I fucking hate you
I ran back in the bathroom trowing up again
Why am I trowing up so so much
I was finish trowing up I went to the sink and wash my face and my mouth I dry my hands my face And then I went back in to the room I saw niall he was on his phone texting somebody
Niall:Wow what
He said looking in his phone texting
Me:How long more
Niall:There coming up now
I got my phone from the charger and I putted on my sweater
Niall:where you going
Me:It's cold
Niall:It's July
Me:I no
Niall:How could you be cold
Me:I don't know
I sat down on the couch I was bear footed and I still had the black dress on
I put my feet in me on the couch laying and siting like a little laying down you know what I mean
And I was on my phone I got 5miss call from my mom
And 4texts from my friends then my phone rang again by the way the ringtone was let me see by usher I answer it
Mom:Yeah ally bear where are u
Mom:Yeah Sup man
Me:nothing bro
Mom:Oh I found you a good husband he very good lucking he's Italian
Me:Ma no
Me:I don't want to get married what if I don't want a Italian husband want if I want something else
Mom:Then I won't talk to u again
Me:what if I get preagneat whit a Irish duds baby
Mom:Then I don't wanna know you i will kick u out of the house ally bear what you trying to tell me
Me:nothing I was just JOKINg you know me I like getting under your skin
Mom:okay ally come home when ever you can I gotta show you him His name is Barry
Me:okay ma I gotta go bye
Mom:love you
Me:love u to
I hung up

Me:Yeah I'm screwed
Niall:No your not
Me:Are u gonna buy me a house niall your gonna leave me so don't tell me I'm not screwed cause I am
Niall:Im sorry
Me:just forget it just drop it okay

After seconds later everybody came walking trough the door

Louis:So what happen
Niall:You know what happen this all your fault
Harry:u ever heard of protection
Niall:fuck u and fuck your curly hair Harry
Niall:you know if we never played this shit game I couldn't get this girl preagneat I'm not ready to be a father
Liam:I Told you I Told you all I knew it was a bad Idea what did I say bad Idea what you do you go for it do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth
El:let's check where's the tests
Me:in the sink
Harry:did you video tape it
Niall:not now Harry
Harry:just tell me did you
Me:What did you say
Harry:oh we all bet niall to find a innocent girl and have a 1night stand for a hundred dollars and to video tape it
Me:Wait what I'm worth 100$ dollars is that what you just said
Danielle:oh lord your screwed niall
Niall:Harry should really close his mouth at times like this
Me:So I'm just a bet no I was wrong I might be the bet but you always be the horrible person person to me
Niall:well I'm sorry
Eleanor comes out
El:Guys Shes preagneat
Liam:maybe you guys should listen to me sometime don't you think
Niall:no I'm going to a hospital to go she if she's really preagneat
I grab my phone and my shoes and went out side whit my sweater on and we all walk out side

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