I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


38. I won't look

Me and niall was laying in the Bed I had stuff on My arms to check my heart rate and stuff
Me:I need to get In the Shower cause I smell like blood
Niall:me to
Me:I hope you know we are not going in to getter
Niall:I know that but I gotta help you
Me:if I fall then you can help
I went on the side of the bed
me:Niall go call me a nurse
niall went and came back whit a nurse
Nurse:yes Ms taylor
Me:yes i need you to take these things of my arms so i can take a shower
Nurse:Sure but after i need to hook you back Cause Young Mothers that have children can easily slip in to a coma
Nurse:yes Be careful in the shower Then after I have to give you medication
Me:I dident sign up for any medication
Nurse:we told ms horan And she sign
She then hook me off the wires The nurse left after And Then I Went and got the bundle I went looking trough the bundle
I got out A black Round skinny strap long Cotten dress to sleep in it was lose dress
and under wear
Me:Niall you want me to get you anything or you wanna get choose What to wear
Niall:um I choose let's get you in the shower
I still could not walk niall held me by the arm and in to the shower we went
Me:Turn around
Niall:I gotta help you get in
Me:No oh you turn around if I need a grib I will hold on to your back ok
Niall:okay he turn around I was holding on to his back taking off the hospital dress I took it off then
I was still holding on to him I then turned on the water I was about to get in the shower but I almost fell down niall turn around very fast and grab me before I fell
Niall:See You Need help
Me:No I don't my body's ugly he pick me up now where facing face to face I'm crying on his shoulder naked
Me:Im ugly my body's ugly I never have a nice one
I cry on his shoulder
Niall:Yes you Are you are beautiful your beautiful to me
He said kissing my head
Niall:Will you let me help you take a shower
I stop crying he held me by my hand I got in the shower I starting washing my body and my hair I brushed my teeth I was still holding on to niall Then I putted on my under wear and my dress
Niall:see wasnt hard now was it
Me:No it wasn't
He kiss my lips he help me get on the bed he called the nurse to plug the things back
Nurse:Now you need to take you medication
I took it then lay down in bed niall went in the shower came back out and he went whit me in the bed snuggling and we fell asleep
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