I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


30. Home

Me And Niall went back To His Place And then We Unpack Everything Maura called She was happy to hear my voice And Stuff And Now it's just me and Niall I can't Believe he really came
I really thought he was not comming Back ((Okay I'm gonna skip Couple A Mouth))
1Mouth Has Past Today Now It's September And Like Tomorrow Is Nialls Birthday I wanna Do Something Nice For Him But I don't Know What To Do Umm It was early in the morning around 8 AM Niall Was Still Asleep So I got up and went in the bathroom to use it I came out Niall Wasn't There Um Where could He Gone I went up to my Mirror In my room I pick Up My shirt And look at my stomic It had Grew Like 4 5 inches Im not sure Maybe Bigger I look And Then I felt arms Rap around my shoulders And a kiss on my cheek I turn around and it Niall and Niall wispers

Niall:Your Beautiful

Me;Niall Thats A Lie Im Fat

Niall:Your Not

Me:What ever I turn around and I kiss his nose

Niall:Alright Bebe I'm gonna Go hang Out Whit A Couple of friends Ill be Back Around 5pm

Me:See You

Niall:You need anything

Me:Um Yes There is something

Niall:You Need Money or

Me;I need Money Cause I wanna Go a little shopping For The Baby

Niall:Wait how you know it's a boy or a girl

Me;I can tell

Niall:okay How about 200

Me:that's Fine

He gave me the money and he kiss me then went to get change and then he left

I lied I'm really gonna go shopping For Him

So I clean Up the House And Then I took a shower and then got dresse To Blue sweat pants and A Blue sweater to Match Whit A White Tee Shirt and Sneaker I putted my hair in a pony tail and then I got my purse and then my phone and left I went and I took a Can To The same place I went shopping for niall Dublin I payed For the cab And Went in to A Clothing Store I got Niall A Couple Pollo's and Couple Of Jeans And A Pair of Sneaker They Where White And And Blue Pollo Sneakers They Where Golf Shoes Since I know he likes golf Then I Went in Nando's And got A Me to eat And I got some for niall and then I Went home I Went and I hided the stuff Then I called up the boys For them to fly To irealnd For nialls birthday and then they said yes now it is like 5 niall should be home Then I heard A door open and close yeah that's hime I went down stairs and
Told him I got nandos he was happy he ran in the kitchen and ate and then he finish I clean after him and then he went up to me and Kiss me on the head
Me:what was that for
Niall:Cause I love You
Me:Aw I hug him and then we watch a movie The note book then I feel asleep on the couch whit niall then I can feel big strong hands pick me up and bring me up stairs I open my eyes a little and I saw it was niall So then he put me down in the bed and then I can feel him laying down So I Moved Over to him I put my face in his chest And then I felt his arms rap around me
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