I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


42. Chapter 42

That Day All we did was lay in bed weeks Had Past now where in May 3 Me And the boys Are getting back to work Sophia Had open her eyes She Has my color eyes Like I said me and the boys are getting back to work we gotta start the tour In a Week Cause We Really Was gonna start the Tour in February so where Way Behind everything Now I'm in bed Thinking Alice is Snuggled
In my chest Whit her head on top of my chest And her legs rap around my legs and one arms On top of my chest I was still thinking Then Sophia Started to cry So I moved Alice on to the pillow
And then I got out of bed I putted on some pants cause I only had my underwear on And then I went in the Sophia's room I open the door and walk up to the crib And pick Her Up
Me:It's Okay SnowFlack I kiss her forehead And then went down stairs to fix her a bottle I walk in the kitchen Rocking Sophia whit one hand while my other hand was fixing a bottle I putted the powder and the water in I heated it up and then shake it then I put the bottle in Sophia's mouth And she start Drinking ((Really Shes eating)) after that I put the bottle in the sink and I start burping her She burp I chuckled as how she burp then I went up stairs to change her dyper I took off that dirty one the I got the wipes and wipe her then I got a new dyper putted it on then I thrown out the dirty one Then Putted her in her crib then she start crying again so I pick her up Me:Fine you want daddy to read you a Bedtime story yeah she smiled So I got a book and then sat down And putted Sophia on my lap and then I started reading When I was done She fell asleep so I putted the book away and then putted her in the crib I putted the Blinket on top Of her I was Staring At her cause she look like angle My mother said that's how I look like when I was a baby And Alice says Shes a spit imagine of you I have to say she does look like me I like if you look at her and look at my baby picture same face only thing is Different Shes a girl that's it so I kiss her nose then I turn around to see Alice there
Alice:your the perfect father
I went up to her and kiss her And then put her over my shoulders and close the door and ran out And ran in our room I putted Alice on the bed And I went on top of her I kissed her lips Then I start kissing her from down I start kissing her nek And then I took of her shirt Then I start kissing her down from her chest then I went downer to her Tummy next thing I now All the boys come rushing in the room I got off Alice
Louis:did we mess up anything was these to love births about to have I can't say anymore Where only pj13 You Rated R People You nasty People they then ran out and closed the door
Me:I'm sorry
Alice:it is okay smuf Boy
She kissed me and got up and jump in the shower
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