I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


36. Chapter 36

Everybody done painting the room we just need funiture for the room iv been talking to my brother Robert He says he will be comming down for the birth of the baby so is my parents my grandparents and a old couple of friends of mine Niall Also got a couple calls to from friends And a couple more member of his family comming here from America and Sweden so yeah lot of people my sister said she come after cause she has to do something I have no idea anyways I have one more month to go well today I think I'm gonna do laundry I went back in my room to see the girls still sleeping I went in my closet and got a a navy blue over the knee skinny strap dress whit a white belt I got out my under wear and my bras and then I got out flats and a towel I went in the bathroom and took off all my clothing and went in the shower I putted on the water I start washing my body my hair then I start shaving my legs and then I stood in the heat for a little then I got out and dry myself whit a towel then I putted on my under wear my bra and my dress then I putted on my flats I walk out the bathroom and got the dirty clothing and putted it in a dirt bondel where mines and niall clothing where then I brushed my hair and then I Dry it and then I putted it in a pony tale then I putted on little make up Macura lip gloss then a little pink blush then I I was done I walk down stairs to the kitchen where the boys where
Me:Hey Boys
Niall Harry Liam Louis Zayn:hey
Me:What we doing today
Niall:Nothing why
Me:Um I Was thinking maybe you can take me to your mothers for a little and then to the laundry
Niall:Sure Bebe
He went up to me and kiss my cheek
Zayn:Come sit
I sat down next to Zayn and niall
Liam:So Alice Have you though any names
Me:I am not sure i like the name Sophia
Niall:Sophia Rosalie Horan
Me:Um I like it
Louis:sounds A Italian and then again Greek
Niall:she is Italian
Louis:it's a Pretty name
Harry:I Like it
Niall:me to
Me:I love it Beautiful Name
Niall:so is that The Name
Me:I guess so
Harry:Your right Beautiful Name
Louis:I wonder who's eyes it gonna have Nialls Or Alice's
Me:I personally think its gonna look like niall cause like 70% The Babies look there fathers
Me:So Niall What happen
Niall:what you mean
Me:I mean Like Who Was comming to stay whit us
Niall:Oh I have a couple Of Friends
Niall:there girls so you have Fun whit them
Me:okay Cool and
Niall:My Anucul My cousins And My other grandfather from Sweden
Me:Okay Cool
Niall:and you
Me:A couple friends Um My grandparents My brother and my parents
Niall:great whoa gonna watch there shops
Me:my other family
Niall:cool you hungery
Me:yes i am
Niall:great cause me and the boys cooked
Me:Ohhh I have try some what you guys make
Boys:you'll see
Niall gets a plate puts pancakes whit butter whoop cream and strawberry on top a d then scramble eggs and then sausage and tost he putted it in front of me
Me:Ohhh This looks So good I have to tast this I got a fork and start eating the boys where looking at me like she can eat I knock it down faster then you can spell Mississippi
Me:done this was Very very Good
Boys:Aww thanks
Few seconds later The girls came down stairs
Girls:hey guys
Taylor:Hey Bebe
Danielle:omg They cooked
Elenor:what you guys cook this time
Perrie:OMG That smells so good they ran to the kitchen Taylor sat on Harry laps and start eating
A few later they finished and then we all start laughing and talking again
Perrie:Okay what's Everybody's plans
Liam Harry Zayn Louis:don't have one
Perrie:how about you and niall
Me:I'm Gonna Go to Nialls parents hang out there for a little then go to the laundry
El perrie:oh We Will come whit you we have to do laundry
Me:okay Sure
El perrie:okay Were gonna get ready
They went up stairs
Danielle:I think Me and liam have a couple clothing dirty
I will go whit you to
Taylor:well I just go to hang out whit you guys
They went up stairs to get ready
The boys where ready all ready
After minutes later the girls were done I got my Purse and my Sweater
And my phone and niall got the bundel of clothings and the boys got The girls bundles and
Putted it in the van We all went in the van and drove to Maura
We walk in now where all sitting and talking in the front
Maura:So you guys made a room yet
Niall:Um yeah me and the girls and the boys painted today and Last night
Maura:Thats great You got Any funiture
Niall:not yet
Niall:We just started
Maura:I want to after you leave my house drive to a funiture place And
Get the funiture and The other stuff for the baby Cause I'm telling you She will have it Today tommorw
Niall:mom the doctor said Next mouth
Maura:Sometimes the doctors are rung I'm telling you
Maura:Alice I got the baby a present I can tell its gonna be a girl
Me:me to
Maura:any names
Me:yes Sophia Rosalie Horan
Maura:Wonderful beautiful
She went in a room and came back out whit a big big pink bag
Maura:here ya go look inside I think You might like it
I look In side there where Some Baby clothing in there Like 4pairs of shirts Cotten shirts Cotten Baby pants 4pairs A Small Pair of pink and white sneakers and then 3 baby milk bottles towels to dry the baby Baby powder Baby Lotion dipers socks Bibs Baby cloves for the baby not to scratch the face Baby hats Baby wipes and then a small pink and white whit flower dress
Me:Oh my god thank you I love it I really dident know what to get thank you
Maura:Also margreat niall grandmother got you something
She goes in the room comes out whit another bag
I look in there there where lots of baby clothing in there another bag of dypers and then 4 containers full of powers milk in there for to feed the baby
Me:I love it tell her I said thank you and I love her
After that niall got the bags and then went in the van we all went now where in the laundry mat
Niall:Alice after your done we will go look for funiture
The girls got out so did I the boys went to go eat we start taking are bundles and putting them in the washers and then putting soaps after that we stood in the laundry laughing joking and talking
Then niall comes in whit the boys
Niall:Ready to go
We all went in the van and we drove to a baby store
We look at all the cribs to we found a dideny miney mouse crib it was pink and it had miney all over it then it had Songs from Disney playing a la la by songs and then it had a light on the side then it had miney on top of the crib on the top I think it's called musical mobile we got that grib then a changing table and then a rocking chair pink curtens we also Got Toys teddy bears then we got baby blinkets a diseny pillow more clothing then night stand to put all the clothing in then we got a white Carpet and then baby soap to wash her more dypers more wipes then a baby Chair to feed her we got all the stuff and payed cost us 2,500 hundred we back home The boys brought the funiture and then We fix it we putted the carpet the curtens and then funiture The baby soaps and stuff we putted on top of the night stand it was big one bye the way we putted all the clothing in there we putted the rocking chair by the window we fix the bed and fixed the toys And finally the room is Finsh I kiss niall on the lips
Me:Where all done
Niall:What we gotta do is just wait
Me:yep we hug for a little Bit
Liam:Guys the laundry
We Went Back To laundry And then we putted The clothing in the dryers
We all stood there laughing again and making jokes in to the laundry was done finally it was done we start packing And joking and laughing and talking again
Me:What you guys saying Im Fat
I said laughing
Louis:No Where saying Your Just big boned
We all laughed
Louis:So Ms Taylor when Is This Irish Huk Gonna Pop that question
He said Putting his ring finger up
Me:I have no idea when
Zayn:So soon Huh Well you won't be Ms Taylor for any longer
Harry:yeah Ms Swift
Taylor:I'm Not marrying her
They all laugh again
We laughing then we putted the Laundry in the Van And we went to go eat
We ate pizza Then we came out
Harry:it's such a beautiful day
La la la la
Niall:food food food fooooood
Zayn:I'm Sexy and i know it
Liam:You got a friend and me
Louis:since when did this Turn to be the xfactor Auditions
We laugh cause there where singing like they where auditioning
Then it hit The biggest pain
Me:owwwwww I screamed Very loud Now I'm crying and I'm trying to breath
Then it hit me my water broke Like As soon as I start crying
Me:my water broke
Niall:oh My good Come on we gotta get to the hospital
We was right next to the laundry mate a guy came up to us
Guy:excuse me you left one bundle
Me:my laundry I forgot one bundle
Niall;it can wait
Louis:calm Down there bro I will get your laundry
Louis got the bundle and putted it in the van we all went in the van niall starts calling his family from here and the ones that where comming then he calls my parents and grandparents and my brother and my friends Telling them to come then he calls his friends to We rushed to the hospital and rush Trough the doors
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