I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


35. Chapter 35

Today Me and niall and the boys and the girls Are going to pick up Harry and Taylor from the airport We went to Go pick them Up and then I went in the kitchen To cook the girls helped me Well Taylor was just wasn't helping dident bother she was in the front whit the boys on Harry's lap

Perrie:Okay What are We making

Me:I have no idea My head Is in space

Danielle:how about Pasta

Me:yeah Sounds Good whit What On the side

Danielle:um I don't know


Me:yeah and Chessbugers on the side

perrie:cheesebugers really

me:im preagneat anything sounds good now

Perrie:Sounds good lets get cooking

We start cooking Elenor got the meat to make the Chesebugers
And perrie got the potatoes dan got the pasta and then I help make the bugers

Me:it's Like Staking A Peramide

Danielle:most Likely we all start making Jokes and laughing and talking

El:so Where did food and A Monkey pop in the question

Me:I have no no um

I start to feel the baby kick me

Perrie El Dan:You okay


I feel on the floor Landing On my bum


Then the baby kick even worster This hurting like hell EveryTime the baby kick it hurt more

Then tears came down my face

Perrie:Alice What happen

I dident listen how much pain I was in



El:come quick All the boys n Taylor came rushing in



They all laught at what I said


They all laugh at what I'm saying

Louis:here comes Hermoans


Niall:What Is Hurting You
I couldn't Talk

Niall:Are you ready to have the baby
I just shock my head
He pick me Off from the floor And called his Mom
Niall:Mom ah Alice Is Screaming In pain And she says she's not ready to have the baby what do I do

Niall:Ah huh Okay yeah sure okay yeah aright bye
Harry:what happen

Niall:she says it a part of being Pregneat it's her contractions


Niall:she also Said For Alice To stop Working in the house and to Rest And chill the hole day

Me:no I don't want to
I said trough the pain
Harry and niall pick me up from the floor
I got up It finally stop hurting me
Me:Wow It Stop
They look at me crazy
Louis:Your a funny girl
Me.okay I Love you guys
Everybody:and we love you to
Me:Aww Thanks Guys okay let's back to cooking
Everybody:your not going back to cooking
Me:I'm fine
Niall:Rember what happen just now
Me:Im good now please
Niall:no come on
Perrie:We got it Go rest
Me:but I um Fine
I gave up
We all went in the front el Dan perrie cook The dinner I sat on the chair next to niall watching a horror movie Holloween part 1 the old one
We start watching It I was laying on the couch niall was laying whit me I was in front of him And rest the boys where on the floor and on the other couch
Niall Kelp Kissing My ear it tickled I start Giggling
Niall put his hand on my tummy my tummy was huge So so huge
The baby kick and nialls niall hands where still on my tummy
Me:you felt That
Niall:Yeah I did
Baby kick again his hand was still on my tummy
Then he Kiss my tummy and i smiled at him
Niall:See you next Month I love he said to my tummy
He look back at me and kiss my nose
Niall:Love you to Kido
Me:I love you to my little Smuf
He then kiss my lips
I dident relise it but all the boys and all the girls was staring
Whit smiles and grings
Mines and nialls cheeks turn Red Like a cherry
Perrie:Guys Dinner is Serve
we Got up and Went to the dinning Room Me and niall sat by each other Then after We Went in Are room Hanging Out in there
Me:wait what you gotta say
Niall:go first
Me:you go first
Niall:okay ill go first I was thinking maybe We Could You know Start Making the Baby room
Me:I was about To say that Oh my god when can we start
Niall:How about we start now
Me:What paint
Niall:Let's go bye some paint
We putted on are sweater and shoes Niall got his walet keys And Phone I got my purse and phone and went down stairs
Liam:Where you guys going
Niall:To go get paint for the nursery
Liam:Cool you want us to do anything
Niall:No Just Clean the nersery it's a bit dusty
Liam:what u mean
Niall:Wash the windows sweep the floor mop the floor There also dust on the wall so yeah ask EveryBody to help
After that me and niall went to the store we drove there it was a big big store that had paint brushes funiture we Went to the paint Side
Me:Why Dont we paint It Pink
Niall:Um what if its a boy
Me:I can Tell It's A Girl
Niall:Okay Pink It Is
He kiss me We got a Baby Pink and white paint And then we got brushes and rollers and the pans to put the Paint On we got everything and put it in the car Then we drove home We Went in the soon to be nersery And saw every cleaning and saying hurry up they will Be back any minute me and niall chukeld
We waited to they finish And then me and Alice walk in
Me n Alice clap are hands saying good job
We all laugh
Harry:where's the paint
Me:in the hall way they went to get the paint in the hole way it was 2 buckets And One small can of white for the trimming We all start laughing and painting and joking We did half of the room for tonight So after that we Stop paint and went to bed I took a shower And putted on Pjs niall took a shower to And came in whit Pjs I fell asleep in nialls arms
I woke up next day to El Perrie Danielle and Taylor on my bed Asleep I chuckle to my myself as of how they got here I got out of bed And Walk out of the room in to the Nursey To see Niall Harry Liam Zayn and Louis painting
Me:Aww I walk in they all look at me then I went up to niall and kissed his chin
He look down at me then I tipy toed To reach his lips and kiss him
then we pulled away
Louis:Your are Shorty
Me:And You look Like A Carrot
We all laugh
Me:I Saw Thoes Videos
Louis:Im sorry I ever said that it came back bite me on the bum but on the good side children are starting to eat carrots
Me:Why What Happen
Louis:They Trow carrots at me not like the baby carrots the big carrots
I laugh at that
Louis:You Think Thats Funny Missy
Me:No Not At All
We all laugh then the baby kick again I stop laughing and They look at me like why did I stop
Louis:You Okay
Yeah I took his hand and put it on my tummy
Me:Feel this
Baby kick again
Me:You Felt that
Louis:Yeag I felt it
Liam:I wanna feel
Liam putted his hands on my tummy
Me:feel it
Harry:So Did Akward You A little as how the girls got to your room in your bed
Me:Yeah I was thinking like how
Zayn:Well the girls was helping us a little then they look tired so they fell asleep on the floor so we carried them to your room
Me:That explans it
After that they went back paint I watch how they paint I sat on the stool Watching them
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