I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


34. Chapter 34

Days Has Skip And it close to Christmas time and Louis birthday I think I'm gonna Fly there whit Alice To spend Time whit him on his birthday
Me:today is the 23 Right
She was in the kitchen Making sandwiches
Alice:Why What happen
Me:um Where gonna Fly To England
Alice:For what
Me:cause Louis birthday is on Christmas
Alice:oh cool She ya Soon
Me:WAit wait what happen
Alice:nothing I don't wanna spoil Your time whit Louis on his birthday it's a guys time So You go Have Fun Knock Your Self Out Have Fun I can take care of myself if I need anything Ill go to your mother When you come Then Well have Christmas again
Alice:No Buts Go Get ready Have fun I don't wanna keep you lock in the house whit me So right chop chop Get ready
Me:you sure
Alice:I am 1,0000% Sure Now Get Ready
Me:okay if you say so
that was easy I Wantted her whit me But Then She said she Wantted me to have
Fun so ill take her word
After that I got a Toe back Pack days worth of clothing And then I took a shower wash my body wash my hair And brush my teeth I dident bother to blow dry my hair
I just let it air dry I was finally done and then I kiss Alice and head of for the airport
In a hour ill be in England 1hour has past And now I'm in The Uk so I took a cab to Lou's
I knock on the door he open it
Lou:hey Buddy what you doing here
Me:I came cause your birthday Bro
Lou:okay cool come in
Days had past today's now Christmas and Lou's birthday I called up Alice ask of she was okay she was doing fine and then after me and Louis had A good day late that night we went to bar and then came home Drunk Louis dident wanna do anything Special For the big 2 1 i got him a cake
And we went to his parents house and then So I took him to a club As soon as we ended up to get to Lou's flat I hit the bed he hit the bed in his room Next day I had to get back on the plane back To Irealnd I got on the plane 1hour past I got off and went home and then I seen Alice when I walk in she was cooking so I went up Behind her
Me:that smells good
Alice:I dident hear you come in
He wispers
Me:yeah Cause I'm sneaky
Alice:why Are you suspecting That I might Burn Down your house
Me:Nope but you might go to nandos whit out me and go on the date whit the food I love
Alice:I would never do that But I gotta hand it to you The food there is smoking Hot
We laugh at that
So then I spoke normal
Me:so what you cooking
Alice:CHIKEN and yellow rice
After that we ate Days has past New Years is comming Days has gone more fast
Harry's going to New York to See the ball drop and watch Taylor Preforme Every since Harry been whit Taylor she been taking him away from interviews and stuff not that I mind well maybe a little
But I don't ill just see what happens on New Years me and Alice Made a big dinner called all my family and friends and we watching the ball drop on Tv
weeks has Past and past And past Alice birthday is comming Up She will be nineteen Zayn Turn 20 About a week ago I wish him happy birthday on twitter and on the phone Now it harry birthday comming up days has past it harry birthday today I wish him a happy birthday And him and Taylor went To Swizerland For his birthday 3days has past it's now Alice birthday I wanna do something special So today I made her breakfast in bed then I took her to my parents and then went to A restaurant and I got hers cake there then went to the beach Then After we walk aroun in a park And then we came home weeks has past its now March the boys flew in irealnd Cause anyday she can have the baby Alice Had to go to the doctors So we all went me the boys the girls and alice Most in porten to the doctor We all went in the room
To see the altrasound
Doctor:okay Let's see that baby
He put the Jell on her stomic
And then a wand (I know it not called that but I dnt know that name lol))
And putted it on her stomic
Doctor:Okay Let's find the baby it's like a scaventcher hunt
We all laught at that
Doctor:we have found the baby
Me:where right there
Me:oh now I see
I saw a little baby Whit small hands and a small body whit a small head
And thought that's my child I was amazed all how this happen
I look at Alice and kiss her
Doctor:you wanna Know what The sex if baby
Me n Alice:no we want it to be a Suprise
Me:can U make a Picture
He printed the pictures of the altrasound
and then we took the pictures and went home

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