I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


32. Chapter 32

Weeks Has past And Now where in October Im In The Front Watching tv Niall Comes Rushing In
Niall:Get Ready
Me:where am I Going Bro
Niall:Well Where All Going On Tour And Im Bringing You Whit Me
Me:Thats great when we Leave
Niall:In A Hour In A Half
Me:Irish Blue Boy Say What
He laugh at that
Niall:We Gotta Get To The Airport To England And Then From There We Start The Tour From England Then To States
Niall:Guess What
Niall:on December Im Gonna Be performing In Madison Square Gardens
Me:Thats Great Im happy for you
Niall:then we preform again On The 6 for the jingle Ball
Me:that's Great
niall:come On Let's Get packing
We Ran Up stairs and Got The suit cases And Then We start packing I Had 1Big Suitcase Full Of my Jeans Dresses Pjs skirts Shirts Sneakers boots and slippers and sweater and my coat
And my underwear bras and Soaks and then I had my make up box And I was done just gotta pack my shower thing I pack that and then I was finish so I went up to niall He was not done yet
Me:need help
Niall:yeah please
Me:sure you just sit down Right Hear
He sat down
I packed his shirts His pjs Sneakers jeans Kaces and then his hats his underwear soaks
His sweaters Jackets and his shower things
I was finally done packing
I jump in the shower and putted on a White Dress Long Up to my ankles Whit skinny straps and it had cleavage well not that much like a little then my flats I putted on
I putted my hair in a clean bun And then got my Sweater it was A Blue Whit White strips sweater
Round nek I put it on my wast just in case I get cold then I got my purse and my phone my charger
I pack nialls charger in his suit case And then I waited for niall cause he took a shower he came out we called a cab And then we left To the airport We went in the air plane and the I sat in the window seat and niall was next to me and then I got a blinket and I Lied down on niall and he lied down on me Niall Prov we woke up Like 1Hour later In England We got off the plane And in to The Studio
Waiting for the rest of the boys we had are suitcases And then minutes later Louis Liam Harry Zayn Eleanor Perrie And Danielle we hit the Road in the bus we went to Big Ben to preform and i also took Alice to See her family her mom and dad and sibling 2weeks later we flew to USA We went to Fl Tampa and to Orlando fl I took her to Disney land me and Alice Louis and Eleanor went then we went to Texas then to New Mexico then to las vages then to New Jersey then to Baltimore MD then to Jackson vill Florida then to California i took her all around california Hollywood Beverly hills To the beaches there it was her first time she had fun i had fun ___Alice Prove We went to California in November now I'm 4mouths Pregneat Im in the back of the stage Whit the other girls where Watching the boys Preforme the girls where next to me
El:Are boys are cute
Me:Yeah Um excuse me
Perrie:where you going
Me:I gotta go I said runing to the bathroom to trow up I ran in the bathroom trowing Up
Nialls Prov
We was done singing up all night then I went in the back where Alice was she was nowhere to be found
Me:Eleanor where's Alice
El:I don't know she said she had to go
Me:go where
El:don't know I start looking for her then I hear trowing up in the bathroom so I walk in
Me:You okay
Alice:Yeah can u get me my purse
Me:Okay I went to get the purse Zayn was Djing right now so I dident have to go on stage now I went and got her puse it was in my dressing room and I brought it back to the bathroom I saw Alice by the sink washing her hands and face I gave her her purse and she got out a toothbrush and toothpaste she start brushing her teeth she trew out her Tooth brush and put back the toothpaste in her purse
Me:You okay
Alice:Yeah Im Okay
I went up and hug her then I pick her up and put her on the counter
Then I kiss her
Alice:Niall you have to get on stage
Me:Not right now I got 5minutes to get back on stage
We start kissing then we stop and smiled at each other crazy
I put her down off the couter and we are now holding hands walking out we went in my dressing room where I had to change I change my clothing I can see her staring at me
Me:You Like this
She look away and look down smiling I then went up to her and pick up her chin and kiss it
Then we walk out The dressing room and I went back on the stage we sing what makes you beautiful the last song then once we where done we went back on the bus to New York to preform in rock afella center and have a interview whit good moring America once we where done we went back to California and then did a interview whit Ellen now it is December 1 we went back in New York City I can't believe my dream came true in 2days me and the boys will Preforme in Madison square gardens Oh now Harry is now dating Taylor swift anyways we Went and got a hotel and then Next Day it was the 2 of December tomorrow Madison square gardens Anyways today I'm taking Alice Today around manhattan Then to her grandparents We walk around time square I bought Alice A Shirt That Said I love NYC And then we went to the MNM factory We got candy then I got 2mugs for me and Alice I got the blue and she got the yellow then after I took her to the Disney Store She loved It there I bought her a stuff Mickey she kelp on saying dont spend your money but I did not listen I love her she carring my child I have to love her
Alice:Dont spend your money
Me:I Want to I Love You
Alice:I Love You To but your more important to me more then this I love what your doing but I don't want you to over spend your money I love you to much that I don't wanna take over you
She kiss me and then I payed for the Mickey she start hugging it I knew she would like it she loves Bears And stuff she's like A Little Bunny How Cute She is we walk out side my arms was rap around her wast and then we start walking and walking then she saw Mickey Mouse
Alice:Niall look its Mickey Mouse
Me;I see
Alice:can we take a picture whit him
We took a picture whit Mickey then we walk to TJIFridays to go eat
We ate Then we walk around little more
Me:I Love you Alice
Alice:I love you more niall She kiss me and I kiss her back and then we hug each other
Me:how much I love you I think I'm gonna break the news tomorrow
Alice:no niall don't do that
Me:I want to cause I love you
Alice:thank you she hug me
We went back in the car
Alice:where we going
Me:ill show you after
I drove to her grandparents and then we made it we walk in the bakery me and Alice
We saw her grandparents there
We talk and laugh they hug me and talk to me and laugh whit me then after me and Alice drove to the hotel we got all the stuff she had the Mickey she put it on the bed she took a shower and then came out in a pjs I took a shower and putted on Pjs And Then I Saw Alice she was playing whit my phone I layed down next to her
Me:what you doing
Alice:Playing this game I can't win it it's to hard EveryTime I play I end up falling
Me:what game
Alice:temple Run
I could her the Monkeys in the Game
Me:Not again I keep on losing Niall let's see if you can Win
I'm really good at This game
Alice:how are you not losing
Me:I'm Good at This game
Alice:well Ill be better Just give me time I will beat your score
Alice Prov
I keep on losing Why am losing I guess I gotta keep Trying to I learn nialls really good at This game I was watching niall play the game But my phone rang
Teacher:Yes Ms Taylor You haven't been in college in 5 mouths is everything okay
Teacher:Do you know when you will come back
Me:I'm preagneat Thats the reason I dident come back in a very long time
Teacher:well then you want me to transfer Your stuff
Me:yeah oh and I also moved to irealnd
Teacher:that explains it
Me:is there anyway I can transfer the college papers to irealnd and have them send me my exsames
Teacher:Yeah what the address
I gave her the address
Me:is there anyway you can send it to my Boyfriends moms place and then ill pick it up from there cause I'm out of town
Teacher:that's fine
I gave her Maura's Address and then I hung up
Niall:what Happen who was that
Me:my teacher from college wondering where I was so I told her to transfer the papers and send it to your moms place when I get back home ill pick them up
Me:I gotta make a phone call to your mom
I called Maura about this she said she was okay about that and she will hide my papers till I get back home after that me and niall watch a movie in the room and fell asleep
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