I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


29. Chapter 29

So we Walk in the house and all I see is all my family my ants my unculs my grandparents My parents My brother And my sister And All my cousins Oh This is SO weird
Mom:I thought you left my daughter I hear you kick her out
She went up to his face
Mom:why are you back answer me
Niall:I came to get back Alice My girlfriend That Is carrying My child
Me:um Dad Why is everybody here
Dad:sweetie we came to bring you back home to England
Me:I'm going back whit niall
Dad:no Your not
Me:Yes I can I'm 19 years old Im old enough to make my own choices
Dad:how do we know that he kick you out
Me:cause he promise
Dad:Yeah Sweetie not everything is a fairy tale
Me:I'm going back whit niall
Dad:hell no
Me:pop tell him Im Going back
Grandpa:Well She is right Dino she is old enough
Dad:yeah but he will kick her out
Grandpa:Well He Won't Im Her Grandfather Im The Boss Of Her Okay I raised her Okay
When I die then everybody Can be a boss Okay but for now I'm Still the boss the boss is not dead!!!
Dad:Okay Clam down Your heart
Grandpa:You know what I like Niall
Come her Niall
Niall Came up to him
Granpa:I like you Niall I'm the boss okay if they wanna mess whit you then tell me
Nobody can bother niall Do you all Hear me
Granpa:I wanna hear a yes no is any body gonna bother niall
Granpa;since nialls back I want all my daughters To go right now and cook Us Some meatballs and spaghettis And Some pork Chop you eat Niall right
Granpa:okay meatballs and spaghettis It is
I want all my gran daughters To go fix table Right now and my grandsons to get to know niall
And I want my Sons to go get us Wine to put in the spaghetti
Everybody chop chop
Grandma:Well Sailer you told them off niall
Grandma:there's something me and my husband wanna tell you
Grandparents:welcome to the family
Niall:thank you
Grandma:these the boys from the band
Grandpa:ten temenion right
He said while laughing
Louis:it's one direction
The boys laugh at the name my granpa said
Granpa:One direction Sorry
We Italians We like British and the Irish people
Boys:oh okay
Niall Prov...
That day we ate and laugh and joked and then me and the boys had to go to the airport back to irealnd and England we made it to the airport and in to the plan we packed all are stuff so did Alice
We all fell asleep on the plane Alice was by me She fell asleep on my shoulder She had the window seat and we had a blue blinket on us we all fell asleep we woke up in Ireland the boys took a diffent plane
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