I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


28. Chapter 28

We went on the plane I feel asleep so did the boys I woke And Seen i was In New York the plane lanned so me and the boy got are stuff and got out of the plane So We took a cab to a hotel and them we got a room
Louis:okay niall what we do now
Me:Um I brought my guitar And we are gonna Sing Little Things Back. [For You And [Still The one for Alice
All the boys said yes
Me:okay everybody take a showers cause we gotta go to statue of liberty ellis island

I ran in the shower so did the boys I got out and Putted on Jeans all stars Whit V nek shirt and A Blazer So did the boys they were the same thing I called Up Alice again


Alice:Yes Niall

Me:where are you

Alice:Im home Getting ready

Me:oh okay

Alice:where are you

Me:on my way to Ellies island

Alice:oh okay

Me:alright I gotta go Alice

Alice:ill see you later niall

Me and boys rushed I got the guitar my phone my
Walet and ran and got a cab to get to the fairy To take us to the island
We finally made it there me and boys went all the way to the Statue of Liberty
Now where just waiting here 1hour past we see her and she sees us so she went all the way up in the statue of liberty and then I start playing the guitar And now where Singing

Your hand fits in my like it was made just for me but bear this in mine it was Ment to be and I'm joking up the dots whit the freckles on your cheeks and it all makes sents to me

(1 Minute In The Songs Had Past)

It's you it's you they add up to I'm in love whit you and these little things
((My part comes up)))

you'll never love your self half as much as I love you you'll never treat your self right darling but I want you to if I let you know I'm here For you maybe you'll love your self like I love you Oh

(My part ended) now it's Harry's part)
And iv just let these little things Slip out of my mouth cause its you oh it's you it's you they add up to and I'm in love whit you and all these little things
(1minut past song ended)

Then we started Back For you and still the mone then we stop the songs and
Then see was just staring at me whit tears streaming down Her Face I put the guitar down and up wipe her tears away and hug her she hug back Then we stared at me and spoke

Alice:I thought you would Never come after me

Me:well I'm here
I looked at her again and kissed her she kissed me back

Louis:Oh Get A Room I'm gonna down stairs to call Elenore If u need anything ill be down stairs
Liam:me to I'm gonna go call Danielle
Zayn:Im gonna go call perrie
Harry:Well um um I'm gonna call my mom

They all went down stairs

Me:Alice Taylor I promise you no matter what happens I will be here for you will you be my girlfriend

Alice:Ah um Yes

She smile and then I smiled

Then I kiss her again

Alice:we gotta break the news to my family

Me:come on let's go

Alice:Where we going

Me:to a restaurant

Alice:Um No I good

Me:I promise I won't do that again it was stupited reasone cause the waiter

Alice:Ha Ha sure

Me:I'm sure

We went to a restaurant in manhattan and ate We had a good time me Alice and the boys then We Are now going back to her house

We got of the cab and in we walk in the house whit Alice
And then I seem Alice mom

Alice's mom:Niall

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