I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


27. Chapter 27

Alex Came Over I open the door they she was standing there
Me:Come in
Alex:No I just Gotta Tell You something it might hurt you but
I have to tell you
Me:what Is it Alex
Alex:I have to break up whit you cause I'm in love whit my xboyfriend he propose to me Today
Me:oh that's great go find love
Alex:wait this is not bothering you
Me:nope go go have a great life I wish you the best
I closed the Door Okay got that clear up now how am I gonna Do this
I called Alice up again she answered
Me:hello Alice
Alice:yes niall what is it
Me:I want you back
Alice:well how do I know you won't Kick me out again
Me:I promise you That I wount Ever ever do that to you again
Alice:well you got One Chance To make It Up Im In New York Whit my grandparents If you really care and you want me back I will be wait for you Tomorrow At The statue of liberty ellis island
Alice:you got one chance dont blow it
Me:I won't thank you for giving Me This chance
Alice:well your welcome
She hung up then I ran in the room And grab The clothing I had And then I called up the boys and Told them to rush Here fast so they did they came rushing trough the door
Boys:ousts what's the problem
Me:boys where going to New York
Boys:for what
Me:to get back Alice
Liam start smiling do did the rest
Liam:I knew you come to your sents
Me:okay everybody go get pack and will meet Each other at The Airport At 10
Boys:why so late
Me:I gotta go to irealnd to get clothing and money
Boys:oh okay
Everybody went to they house Harry dident cause this was his house I went to the airport to get a flight to irealnd so I got on the plane took 1 hour to get there I got off and took a cab to my House I Got clothing And And money then I called up my mom
Mom:yes niall
Me:I'm going to New York to pick up Alice
Mom:that's great I happy for you
Me:thanks I gotta go
okay I got my stuff and went and got a cab to the airport and back To England on the plane I came back To England now it's 9:30 all most then I got off the plane and ran to get a ticket to Bew York I payed for it then then I hear Liam Louis Harry and Zayn in the gift shop laughing and jumping I ran in the gift shop
Me:guys you got your tickets
Boys:I dident see you there niall how was the flights
Me:ah Okay
Boys:and yes we got the tickets we hung out a little more
Me:guys what time is it
Liam:um 10
Then I hear The a lady saying everybody the flight to New York Will Fly in 2minutes
Me and the boys ran to the door and then in to the plane
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