I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


26. Chapter 26

Niall Prov
It been A Hole Week I Told The Boys About What Happen They Said It Was Not A Big deal Well Half said that Liam Was Mad Of What i had Done And The Rest Was Okay About It I Took A Plane To England To Hang Whit The Boys It Was Only 1Hour Flight So I finally got out the plane and I took a cab to Harry's I Took My Toe Bag (A Toe Bag Is A Small Suit Cass To Hold like 2days of clothing)
So I walk in Harry's Flat And the boys Gave me a hug we ate a little we watch Tv now where just talking
Louis:So you Kick Out Alice
Louis:Wow I would never Think in a million years you would do that
We stood There Quiet for 4minutes then Harry Broke The Werid ness
Harry:Well you can't be single all your life How About I Hook You Up Whit A Girl
Me:I Dont Know Mate
Harry:Come On
Harry Called Couple Of Girls over for me to pick out to go on a date
Well I finally pick her She Had Long Long Jet black Hair And Blue Eyes She Was Skinny But No Curvs Thats Part Suck But everything else was fine her name is Alex
I took Alex on a date to a restaurant to get to know her
Alice Prov
Well it's been 1Week Since Niall Kick Me Out And Me Being Here in New York I'm starting to lose hope of him never comming last night I cryd on my grandmother and my 2 ants cause I though he love me and that he is never comming back
But ever body telling me that he will come back but I know he wount that hurts my heart
Now I'm in my room Just thinking how life has change very very fast so I go on the twitter and I see A Picture Of Niall And Another Girl Now Im Crying I Look Trough His Twitter And He Unfollowd me I look on tweets and his tweets say
@NiallOfficail I'm happy then ever whit my girlfriend Alex I Love her everybody
@Niallofficail This is my GirlFriend Alex
@Niall Offical Im In Love Whit Alex My Girlfriend and he posted up a picture of them
So I tweeted on twitter to him you jerk I Hate You How Could You Do this To Me I Hate You
I send it to him And then I stop crying my phone start ringing it said mom
I pick up
Mom:Yes Alice Forgive Me For What I said and Done i love you and I want to be a part of the baby so please forgive me I'm SO so so sorry
Me:Mom It's Okay I Love You no matter what cause you are my mom
Mom:I love you to where niall put him on
Oh my god this wont be good
Me:Mom Where Are You
Mom:At The Club
Me:Sit down
Me:Mom Niall Kick Me Out Of His Life He Was Nice His Family Was Nice to His Mom Got me a gold chain But some how he turn all mean and kick me out
Mom:I knew it I knew it where are you now
Me:In New York at Grandmas and pops house
Mom:oh okay I will fly there here and there to see you
Mom:okay Sweetie I gotta go
We hung Up I Went Down Stairs To Go Get something To Eat Cause I Am Straving
My grandparents went to the pizza store today and I'm here alone
I cooked Myself Some CHIKEN And French fries I cooked it and then ate it I clean up My mess then I Had to trow up so I ran to the bathroom And trow up why do they call it moring sick ness uff hits you everyday and every minute So I finally stop trowing up And then I ran in the shower and wash my body and hair and teeth cause it was full of trow up I got out and putted on a White Skirt Up To my knee and a blue shirt
And flats I brush my hair and putted them up in a bun and then went in the front to watch Tv
Niall Prov
I really do like Alex We get along so well
I got bored I was in the guess Room In Harry's Flat
So I Went on twitter And Saw A Tweet from Alice It said How could you I hate you Stuff like that that hurted me from what she said maybe I should call her
I called her up and she pick up
Alice:Hello Niall
Me:Yeah It's Me Alice
Alice:Why are You calling Me I thought you hated Me
Me:I don't hate you
Alice:Then why In the world You Kick me out of your life
Me:Stupited Reason
Alice:Tell me The reason Niall You kick me out of your life and A week Later You Go And Get A Girlfriend And You Feel Ill be Happy for you I'm carring Your child And this is what you do to me
She said crying on the phone I wish I was right there to hug her
Me:Stop Crying Ally Please just stop
Alice:How Could I Look What You Did You Mess Up My Hole Life I Was Going To Open Places And Stuff And You Come And Take That Away I Hope Your Happy Niall Are You Happy You Happy Niall
Me:Stop Crying Please Alice Please Your Hurting Me
Alice:Hurting You Hurting You How About You Hurting Me I Felt Useless I Wantted To Die And Kill Myself Because of you you hurted me
Niall:Im Sorry
Alice:Sorry Dont Mean Nothing
She hung up I Could not take it anymore I start crying in a ball in the room I can't believe what have Iv done I have to break up whit Alex And Get Alice Back
I stood crying there for 2hours
And then I finally stop I Jump in the shower and came out
And the first person I called was Alex
Alex:Yeah niall I gotta talk to you
Me:Me To I gotta tell you something in portent
Alex:me to
Me:come over to Harry's house
We hug up I putted on sneakers and my clothing
And then Minutes later Alex Came Over
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