I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


21. Chapter 21

I walk In the house and seen Maura margreat and a couple other woman there whit there Daughters . Me:Hey EveryBody
Maura:Hey Alice come meet the other family They flew in a hour ago
Me:Oh Okay sure
Margreat:This is Georgia Nialls Older Cousin
Me:Oh Hello Georgia nice to meet you
Georgia:nice to meet you to ant Maura told us a lot of great things about you
Me:Oh yeah
_We Shook hands_
Maura:and Alice this is Lora My sister
Me:Hello Nice to meet you
Lora:nice to meet you I hear you cook for my naf you
Lora:well that's great niall loves to eat and your the type of girl That will cook for him
Me:Aww Thanks
Maura:come Guys let's all go to the dinning room and have A cup of tea and Or Cookies
I follow them to the Dinning room We ate and drank the Cup of tea now where talking now
Maura:So Alice you found a baby doctor yet
Me:Um No Not yet
Maura:Well Okay I got A Great Doctor He was my baby doctor to he delivered Greg and Niall
Me:oh Okay so when do I go to see him well we go and see him
Maura:Um Next week
Me:Oh okay
Maura:You wanna see pictures of niall as a baby
Me:Yeah I would love to
She goes and gets pictures and back whit a big big album full of pictures
Maura:Here you go
We all walk to the living room wand sitting on the chouch
We was all looking at the pictures
Me:Aww this pictures is so cute I love this one
Maura:You do
Me:It's to cute
Maura:I'm gonna give you a couple baby pictures of niall since you loved them
Me:Aww thanks
She gave me one where niall has a army jacket and pants on and hat and he has a gun he look 2 3 years old in the picture then she gave me one where he was on the floor whit a blue and white strip pants and a blue shirt on he look 1 years old then she gave me another one where niall looks 11 he was whit his ancul holding his cousin jazzy

Me:Aww thanks for the pictures I love them
Maura:your welcome sweetie

We talk and talk and then niall came walking in
Maura:Niall what you doing here
Niall:came to pick up Alice
Maura:oh okay she's all yours niall
He hug and kiss Maura margreat Lora and Georgia
Niall:Oh I dident see you guys
Georgia:we flew in about a hour ago
Niall:that explains it
Lora:How you doing niall are you happy your gonna be a father
Me:Yea yes I am
Lora:Well I'm happy for you
She cryd a little bit
Niall hug her
Lora:I rember you was very tiny I was holding you in my arms and you was just a little baby now look at you your in a band 19 Haveing a baby and you have a verry nice and beautiful girl that cooks I love you niall rember You will always be are baby
Niall:I love you to ant Lora
Lora:I was in the hospital whit your mom and your dad holding your moms hands your uncul
Sonny was watching Greg and Georgia and your mom was crying and she was so happy minutes later niall you came in the world
Niall:I know
They hug a little more
Bobby and Greg came walking in
Bobby:What's whit all the crying
Bobby:Oh hey Lora hi Georgia when you guys came
Lora:1hour ago
Georgia:Hey ancul bobby hi cousin Greg
They all hug and we talk a little more
bobby:Wheres sonny
Lora:At the hotail
then me and niall left arfter a while more now where in the car driving home
Me:You have a wonderful nice family
Niall:Thanks so what where you guys talking about
Me:About getting a baby doctor
Niall:did you find one
Me:um your mom gonna take me to hers
Niall:oh that's great anything else
Me:um we look at pictures of you and your mom gave me a few
Niall:really can I see
I open my purse and took them out and I gave it to niall
Niall:Oh okay
I took the pictures back and we made it home And we made it up stairs I took a shower putted on pjs niall took a shower putted on pjs then we fell asleep
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