I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


18. Chapter 18

I woke up next day on the couch whit a blinket on me alone niall wasn't by me so I stood up and
And pack the bilnket and walk up stairs Niall wasn't there so I search the house he wasnt there
Wasnt anywhere to be found So I got my phone and called up Niall


Me:Niall where are you

Niall:Im whit drew

Me:Who's drew

Niall:my friend

Me:Oh okay well I gotta go bye
I hung up

I went in the closet and got out jeans and a white v nek and white sneakers
I putted on some make up Eye liner mascara pink blush on cheeks and lip gloss
And then I got bored and just stood on the bed and went on the computer
And went on twitter I look on my followers it it got from 257 followers to 2,957 followers
And I got lots lots of people saying take good care of Niall dont break his heart I will take good care of niall I will and others say I'm a slut and stuff yeah not that much hatters

After that I got bored so I out sign of twitter and went and got a sweater
I think I'm gonna go walk around Ireland so I also got my purse and my phone and walk out the door

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