I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


16. Chapter 16

Margreat and Maura came in and they hug me

Maura:i see you took out the black

Me:yeah I thought what u said about the blond then I though okay let's go for it

Maura:that's great darling u look better

Niall comes running down stairs

He goes and hugs her

Niall:grand Ma
Niall Hugs her to

Me:You guys want anything to drink I said walking them to the couch

Maura:your preagneat you can't do that you should sit down ill get it

Me:Im fine what you guys want to drink

Margreat Maura:Pepsi

Me:comming up

I walk to the kitchen and pour them Pepsi in a glass then I walk black to the front
I handed them the Pepsi

Margreat Maura:thanks

Me:your welcome

Me and niall margreat and Maura :talk for a while

Me:so you guys staying for the day

Margreat Maura:if you want

Me:that's great stay cause Im going to cook for you Guys

Margreat Maura:okay

Margreat:niall u better hold on to her she's can cook and clean after you

Niall just smiled

Maura:So We was thinking since you gonna have my sons child then your apart of the family
Then I wanna give you something to hold on to

She looks at me then takes the gold chain off her nek it was a Cartier nek chain
It was beautiful she takes it off and then she's puts it on me then I start crying

Me:It's beautiful thank you

Maura:You welcome
I hug her then we let go

Me:Thank you for the chain It really means a lot to me

Maura:Well your apart of the family
More tears fell

Margreat:darling I hope your crying cause your happy
Me:I am
She hugs

Margreat:I know you are Me and Maura ador u

Me:Thank you
Me:I ador you guys to

Everybody laughs
We pull away then I had this feeling of drowning
Me:can u please excuse me for a sec

I said I ran to the bathroom everybody go after me to the bathroom I open the door and I went to the totiet and start trowing up I can feel niall holding my hair while I trow up
I finally finish I look up and saw Maura give me napkins to wipe my face

Me:sorry you guys had to see that

Margreat Maura:its okay sweetheart

Me:Im just gonna clean up here

Niall face turn to happy to mad/sad

Me:niall are you okay

Nall:yes no no I'm not this all my fault

Me:it's not

Niall:yes it is your dieing right now because of me

Me:niall not true
I went up to him and hug

Me:it's not true dont blame your self or the Alcohol cause its nobody's fault and you know that

Niall:I'm just just so so sorry that I'm mad at myself
Me:it's okay

After that everybody went to the front and watch Tv I start cleaning up the bathroom i brush my teeth again

Then I went to the front and say down

Maura margreat:you okay sweetie

Me:Yeah I'm okay

We watch a movie then

Me:Well I'm going to cook dinner

Maura:You want me to help

Me:No this is food is for you guys you don't have to help me just sit here and talk to niall

I went in the kitchen and cook steak and a bake potato then I made desert
While that was cooking I went to the dinning room and start seething the plats the cups the napkins the forks the knifes I putted salt black peper steak sauce then I putted a soder a on the table then I called everybody to the table

Me:dinner will be done I a second so come to the dinning room and sit down
While I get the food niall margreat Maura went to the table

I went in the kitchen fix the plates and putted niall margreat plate first then Maura second then mine after they ate the dinner

Maura:this was really good who shows you to cook like this

Me:I have grandparents In New York j

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