I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


7. At the hospital

We all walk out the of Hotel and we went in the car
Me and niall and everybody
Went in there cars and then we made it to the hospital and then we walk in
Niall went to the desk
Niall:excuse me miss I need a fast check up
Lady:for what
Niall:To see if this girl is preagneat
Lady:Um Sure I will right it in the computer as a check up what's her name
Lady:Alice what
Niall:Alice ah ah um
Me:Wow u screwed me and you don't even know my last name ant that something niall Alice Taylor
Lady:okay wait at the waiting room the doctors will see u shortly
Liam:How short
Lady:5minutes he's running late
We went to the waiting room and then we sat down I sat down niall sat by me
10minutes later the doctor came
Doctor:Alice Taylor
Me:that's me we all got up and follow him into the room
Doctor:okay so I heard that you wanna see if your preagneat
How long you knew and when u do it
Me:well yesterday we found out today
Doctor:okay then it's to small to see so we just gotta take some blood
Doctor:just sign these papers
I sign the papers and then hand them back to the doctor
Doctors:you got your Medicaid card
Me:Um no It's home if I give you the company and the code will that be good
Doctor:yea that's fine
I gave him the name and the number and then he took some blood and then he left the room and he came back in 15minutes later
Doctor:I got great news
Me:let me hear it
Doctor:your preagnet
Me:ant that something yeah I'm screwed
Niall stood there in shock Like a tree
Liam:you okay mate
Louis wave his hand in his face
Doctor:yeah I'm gonna give u guys alone time
Then 3minutes later He came to his sents
Niall:Why I don't want a child I don't even like taking care of kids I don't even know
Me:so that's how you want it niall ill get out of your life okay just forget everything okay I gotta go and find a shelter I ran out side in tears I ran and ran Then Niall came running after me
Niall:Calm down Everything will be okay
Me:no it's not I cry in his shoulders
He hug me and I hug back
Everybody came up to us
Louis:Aww look how cute
Niall:shut up
Me:where am I gonna stay I said to niall in his ear while still hugging him
Niall:Whit me don't worry
Me:okay but I have to get my stuff and tell my family
Niall:alright let's go
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