I thought you love me

Niall Was Betted by Louis and The boys For him to find a girl and have a 1night stand So He does insted he gets the girl preagneat Will He stick around Or will he not stay aroud find out read the story lol


22. 1Week Past

1Week past
I was getting ready to go to the doctor so I putted in a long grey soft skirt whit a white tank top and a blue and whit sweater and grey flats and then I putted my hair down and putted on earings and a little make up Macura pink lip gloss and pink blush then I got my purse and my phone and when down stairs I dident see niall
Niall:Yeah in here
He was in the kitchen eating
Me:Ready to go
Niall:yeah come on
We walk out side and in to the car
Niall:Where to
Me:your mom said to go to her and she will give us the directions and talk to the doctor
Niall:Oh okay
We drove to Maura house we beep the horn she can on and went in the car
Niall:hey mom
Me:hey Maura
Maura:hey guys
Niall:where the directions
Maura:12 R117, Dublin, Co. Dublin
Niall drove there and parked we all walk in
And Maura went up to the desk
Lady:hello Ms horan
Maura:hello Nola
Lady:the doctor is waiting for you in room 411
We all went to the room and walk In
Doctor:hello Maura long time no see hello niall you got so big I haven't see you since I delverd you
Ha okay and this is the pretty lady
Niall:Nice to see you to
Maura:hello doctor Robin
Doctor:Okay we need Alice to sign a couple papers
He got papers out and a pen
I started sighning and then I finished
Doctor:great you have your Birth papers
Me:yes I have I gave him the papers he made copy's and put it in a girl and gave back my papers
Doctor:you have a Medicaid
I have him it he made copy's and putted in the files whit others and then gave it back to me
Doctor:okay now I'm your doctor
Maura:that's great
After that we walk out side the place
Niall:Who's hungery
Me Maura:we are
Niall:come on let's get something to eat we went back in the car and drove to restaurant
We found a table out side
Waiter came to us
Waiter:Hi Im your waiter Jerry how can I help you
Niall:Ill have CHIKEN whit fries and a 2 cheeseburgers whit everything on it and then ill have a Pepsi
Waiter:Okay and for you
Maura:Ill have A Tunna sandwich whit some ice tea
Waiter:got and for the beautiful Lady
Me:Ill Have a cheeseburger whit everything on it and fires and a Pepsi to please
Waiter:Sure thing Sweetheart beautiful lady can eat comming up
I can see in niall eyes he was a but mad
Me:You okay
Niall:Yeah everything fine
I don't what happen he just looks mad
Me:Are you sure you look kinda Mad
Niall:Im Fine Okay!!
Me:Okay Dont have to get all mad about it
Niall:Maybe I am mad okay maybe I'm mad at you
Me:What did I do to you
Niall:You did everything your messing up my life okay you are breaking one direction soon enough ill be losing fan because of you I just wanna rip your fucking head off!!!!!
Me:Im Sorry ill Just Go back home and live on the street
Niall:Go nobody's stoping you
Maura:Niall what's rung whit you
Me:Nothing rung whit him hes right I should not be here
I ran in the bathroom crying Soon After what sounded like 2mintes where really like 2 hours
I finally stop crying and I walk back out side niall or Maura wasnt there and it was close to closing time Then I walk back in then that waiter Jerry was still there
Jerry:You okay I here what happen
Me:Im Okay
Jerry:he's a jerk you hungery
Jerry:I still have your food want it
Me:I don't have money on me
Jerry:it's okay I got it
I sat on the chair inside whit a table Jerry came back whit the food
Jerry:Your welcome
I ate then he came back
Jerry:you need a ride home
Me:yea but I don't wanna take invantge
Jerry:don't worry your not just give me a second
He got the plates washed then then came back
We walk in his car I gave him the directions to nialls house
Jerry:So what's your name
Jerry:that's a pretty Name
Minutes later we where in front of nialls house
Me:thanks for dropping me off
Jerry:your welcome I got out the car he drove off and I walk to here Maura bobby Greg and niall fighting saying Shes gone dint you know are grandchild is now gone
They all stop when they look at me
Maura bobby Greg ran up to me and gave me a hug
Me:I can't stay long I gotta go
Maura:Where you going
Me:To America
I ran up stairs and got my suitcases and Oack my belongings and went down stairs
Niall was just standing there
He ran up to me
Niall:Took you long enough you know your way out
Everybody look at him whit mad eyes I walk out side And walk walk walk to I got to a car service place I ask them to take me to the airport I we made it there I ask for a plan ticket to New York I got I and got on the plan to New York
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