When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


34. The Beach!

HELLLOOOOO My Little Owlz! Rise and shine! Well, for me anyway.(:

It's like five thirty, and I can't sleep. So I'm typing. What a great start to Martin Luther King Day. ANYWAY! LONG CHAPTER! WHOOO!! :D

Alright! Let's start this thaaangg...


Rilee's POV

I sigh and flop back onto my beanbag at the hotel. It's too big with just three girls. We need eight girls. Yeah, I just did that. No, I didn't. I can't. Wow. See what I'm doing? I miss Lou so much I'm talking to myself.



"HURRY!" I groan and jog to the kitchen.


"LOOK!" They are watching the backstage Itunes video. I roll my eyes.

"In a trolly because it makes no sense." I almost burst into tears. His voice. Then I shake it off. No, don't be that sad, it's only been a few hours. The girls burst out laughing. I giggle along with them as Niall flips his wig. We watch it a few times more, then all roll back in laughter at Hailey's impression of Liam's "Fantastic." We collapse in a heap on the kitchen floor. I sigh and stare at the ceiling.

"We need a life guys." I say inbetween giggles.

"Oh, shush." Mumbles Hailey.



Hailey's POV

After we all collect ourselves, we sit around the living room trying to decide what to do.

"We could wait for the boys to get off the plane. I'm sure it would be on the news."

"Why would that be on the news?"

"I don't know. It's a thought." Mumbles Grace. Rilee bites back a smile.

"What are you thinkin'?" I ask her. She raises her eyebrows.

"Who me?"

"Yes you!" I say rolling my eyes. She looks behind her. Then she points to herself and mouths: Me? "YES RILEE! YOU!"

"Oh. I was thinking beach."

"WHOO!" Grace jumps up and runs to get her swimsuit. Rilee and I laugh and head up the hall to our rooms.


    After we all get changed, we pile into the rental car that Liam got for us while they were gone. We drive out to the beach.

(They are in California. Just something I thought U might want to no.(: )

Rilee reaches into her pocket about halfway. She grins and bites her lip.


"What the carrot!? How did you know!?"

"You're face." I say smiling. She blushes bright red. Then she hits answer and puts it on speaker.

"Hello?" There's a yawn on the other side of the line.

"Hi baby." She blushes bright red.

"Lou you're on speaker."

"So are you." He says playfully.

"HI NIALLER!" Yells Grace. You hear the boys laugh.

"HI GRACE!" We all giggle.

"Is Hailey there?" Oh, I know that deep voice.

"Right here!"

"You're safe and everything right love? Got everything you girls need?"

"Yes Harry, no need to worry." I say blushing.

"Well there's plenty need to worry! Wouldn't want something happening to any of you."

"Classic Daddy Direction." Says Rilee rolling her eyes. Everyone laughs. "So where are you guys?"

"We are headed to the hotel for the night."


"And where are you girls?" Asks Zayne.

"Going to the beach!" I squeal excitedly.

"Wish I could be there..." You hear Louis drift off. We all laugh.

"Well we have work to do Lou!" Says Niall.

"I DON'T WANT TO WORK!" Shouts Louis. We all giggle. "Guess what baby?" Rilee blushes brighter.

"Don't call me that on speaker!"

"Why not?"


"ZAYNIE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!" You hear all the boys scream. Everyone starts laughing when you hear Zayne groan in the background.

"What's her name?"


"Is she cute?" Chirps Grace.

"Very." Zayne chirps back.

"Ahh! Louis hold the door open for me?" They are all shuffling around. Probably getting out of the car.

"We have to go girls!"

"I LOVE YOU HAILEY!" Harry yells in the background. I blush bright bright red.

"Well answer him!" Whispers Rilee. I give her a glare. She giggles.

"Love you too Harry!"

"LOUIS! YOU'RE GOING TO RUIN THE ELEVATOR!" The phone clicks silent. We all burst out laughing.

"I miss them." Mumbles Grace.

"So do we." Whispers Rilee.

"What was that one thing he was calling you?"

"What one thing?" We all exchange glances.

"YOU'VE GOT THAT! ONE THING!" What a great day this is going to be.


Rilee's POV

At the beach, we all lay our towels out in the sand and wade out into the water. We take pictures for the boys, who keep texting us to send pictures of everything we do. We pose in duckfaces and splashing water at each other. Then we all lay around tanning and texting...with some tweeting.

"OH MY GOSH!" We all look up from our phones in unison. It's scary. "They are here! He was right! CALI! THEY ARE HERE!" I look the girl over. Long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, wearing a pink and white polka dot bikini. Must be a cheerleader. ( Nothing against cheerleaders, just thought it was funny. :D:D:D )

"Uhm, can I ask who told you we were here?" Asks Grace, looking annoyed.

"Zayne and the boys?"

"Zayne and-?" I look at Hailey and Grace. Their eyes go wide.

"Wait, are you Brittney?"


"Yeah, a little. Just barely actually. He said you were cute."

"Awh! My Zaynie!" She says. We all roll our eyes. Great, mushy love couple here we come.

"Oh! You were right!" A beautiful tall girl with brown hair and pinned up bangs comes walking towards us in a bikini.

"And you must be Cali?" I ask sitting up from my laying position on the towel.


"You're just Brittney's friend?"

"Oh, I'm actually Liam's girlfriend." She blushes. It really brings out her eyes. A lovely shade of blue-green.

"The long lost girlfriend! Finally found!" Squeals Grace. We all laugh. Cali gives us a questioning look. "Nevermind, inside joke."


"Yeah." It's pretty awkward for a second. We all just look at our fingernails and run our feet through the sand. "So why are you guys here?" We ask.

"They boys wanted us to meet you guys, but they didn't have time to arrange it, so we just said to text us where you were. So they said you were going to a beach, we've kind of been looking for hours."

"Oh, I see."

"Yeah." That awkward silence again.

"So where are you guys staying?" I ask.

"Actually, the boys said they wanted us to be in the hotel together, kind of get to know each other. You know, for the interviews and things. We will need to be together a lot." Says Brittney.

"That's true." Mumbles Hailey.

"So you guys are going to be staying with us?"


"Well, are we ready to head back? You have all your things with you?" Asks Grace.

"Yeah! We really met you guys! EEK!! So excited..." Squeals Brittney in that cheerleader squeal.

"We are too." Mumbles Hailey.



"Well! This is it! Make yourselves at home." We walk into the living room. They both drop their bags on the couch for the tour.

"This is my room, Hailey's room is across the hall. And...Grace's is down that other way there. The kitchen is across from the living room, and i think that's about all you need to know. Oh! The restroom is right down the hall to the right, kind of across from Grace and Niall's room."

"Oh...Where will we be staying?"

"There are a few bedrooms down that way," I say, pointing to the hall farther down towards the living room. "You can stay in those if you want."

"Alright!" Says Cali cheerfully. She hasn't stopped smiling since we all got into the rental car. We just left their car at the beach, they said they didn't really need it anyway. One of us can go back and get it tomorrow.

"I'm just going to go get changed, I'll meet you in the ktichen for dinner." I say, turning towards my room.

"Oh, one more thing." I turn and look at Brittney.


"Where do we get the pedicures and manicures? And the waiters?"

"We don't have any of those." I say. I turn towards my room and walk inside, shutting the door quickly before she can protest. She's been really bratty. It's really pissing me off.


   After my shower, I put my hair up into a high pony tail and put my pjs on. I pull on one of Louis shirts that he left behind. I walk out and open the nightstand drawer with my phone charger. There's a little letter, in a red envelope. Louis writing is scrawled across it.


I cock my head to the side and open it carefully. When did he put that there? I put my charger in here before we left for the airport, I would've seen it. But I didn't. Maybe he put it in there sometime after that. I don't care. I am desperately trying to open the thing now. But, because I AM a blonde, I sigh and walk into Hailey's room for her help.



"I'm right here!" She walks out with her hair all done cute and pulling her pj shirt on over her tanktop. It's Harry's white t-shirt. I giggle and hold the bottom of my t-shirt out.

"Twinners." She blushes.

"What do you need!"

"I am a total blonde and need you to open this for me."

"Alright! You couldn't open an eve-wait a second." She turns it over. Her eyes grow wide. "HE LEFT YOU A LOVE NOTE! THAT IS SO CU-" I put my hand over her mouth.

"Shut it! I don't want Grace to freak out! What if it's something important! Just open the dang thing! I'm dying!" She slowly opens it. "HAILEY! FASTER!"

"I'M WORKING ON IT!" I bounce up and down and she rips it open. I quickly grab it from her hands. "READ IT OUT LOUD!"

"OKAY! SHUSH! I NEED TO READ IT BY MYSELF FIRST!" I scream excitedly. She giggles.

'Rilee, so sad I have to leave you beautiful. Forgive me?(:  I know you will! I will Skype you every night at 10:30 alright? Don't fall asleep beautiful. :) And don't tell ANYONE. Just me and you. Alright? :) xxx -Your Louis' I smile to myself and bite my lip. That. Was. Cute.


"i can't."


"I can't."

"WHAT!" She tries to snatch it from me but I bolt out the door and slam my door in her face. "RILEE! LET ME SEE IT!"




"WAY TO GO HAILEY!" We both laugh.



At dinner we all kind of eat silently and just stare at each other. Boring.

"What did it say?"

"I'm not telling you." I take another bite of chicken like nothing happened. Brittney stands up, dabbing her mouth daintily with a napkin.

"Well, I'm going to sleep."

"It's like seven thirty."

"It's nine." She says rudely as she shuffles out of the room on her heels. I swear, no one should be able to walk around on six inch heels. It should be illegal. It just doesn't look good. Promise, Brit.

"She annoys me." Mumbles Hailey. We all say "YUP!" In unison and then dive back into our chicken.


After dinner we all head to bed. I sit in front of the computer adjusting my hair and clothes, hoping to look good for Louis. I take a deep breath and log onto Skype.  I wait. Two more hours to go. I adjust my chair and fix my bed so that behind me looks presentable. Don't want him to think I am trashing the hotel room either. Good impressions Rilee. Good impressions. I look at the clock and sigh. An hour and a half to go. Suddenly a call pops up. Louis.

"LOUIS!" Way to keep your cool Rilee. Way to keep. Your. Cool.

"SKITTLES!" I giggle.

"Where are you?" I look at his suroundings. He looks like he's in some sort of shop.

"The Starbucks at the hotel. I didn't want to have the boys bug me."

"Oh. What did you do today?"

"We just went through what our schedual is going to look like."


"Yeah, hardly any free time." I frown. "Oh, don't worry. I made sure that everyone knew I had to have 10:30 to at least 11 off." I giggle. He smiles. "What did you do?"

"Well, I went to the beach, but you knew that."

"Yeah, I did." He says, grinning wider.

"Shush! Then we were taking pictures for you boys..."

"I liked those pictures..." He says with a wink. I roll my eyes.

"They weren't meant to be like that you idiot." He chuckles. "Then, we met Cali!"


"Liam's secret girlfriend!!" I squeal. He gives me a confused look. I can't believe Liam didn't tell them about her, she's awesome, beautiful, her personality is great, everything. "You didn't know that?"

"No. I mean, I knew he had a girlfriend, just didn't know she was going to be there." He says. I smile.

"Well I love her guts, and I have only known her for a few hours."

"I thought Zayne's girlfriend was going to meet you guys, the cheerleader?"

"Oh...Brittney..." I say. It almost comes out like a growl. He laughs at me.

"You don't like her?"


"That bad huh?" He says grinning.

"Yes! She complains about beauty sleep and wears six inch heels to bed! I mean, I wear like tiny heels, but I don't wear them to bed! Not even around! I wore pajamas to dinner! Seriously, she's going to get on my nerves Lou."

"Well, in six weeks you won't have to worry about her. She'll be with Zayne."

"And I'll be with you." I say smiling. He grins back. We stay up for hours talking. Louis makes his way back to his room and lays on his bed, when I start to yawn. Louis tells me to go to sleep. "I don't want you to leave."

"I won't leave. I'll stay right here until you're asleep." My eyes start to droop as I crawl to the bed, carrying the laptop with me.

"Okay." I whisper. I lay the laptop next to my head. I close my eyes. It's silent. "Louis?" I open my eyes.

"Yes baby?"

"Oh good. I thought you left."

"Nope. I'm staying right here. Promise."

"How am I suppose to know if you're there? I can't hear you or see you."

"I talk to you?"

"Sing to me?" He smiles. I shut my eyes. I drift away to the soft sound of Louis' voice ringing in my ears.


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