When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.



I wake up to someone singing softly in my ear. I yawn and hit something hard. Wait, singing? LOUIS?! I quickly open my eyes. The alarm is going off, on Louis' solo...of course. I hit the snooze button. I am laying on my laptop, my hair a mess. I look at it. Louis is sleeping, softly. He is turned towards the computer, probably fallen asleep singing to me.  How sweet, I think. He is the best boyfriend on the planet.


"HEY! RILEE! GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF BED AND GET IT INTO THE BATHROOM! NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!" I groan and frown. Stupid Brit. I walk to the bathroom rubbing my eyes. She is fully dressed, hair and makeup done, seven inch heels on her feet. I roll my eyes. She is such a slut. "LOOK AT THIS!" She holds up my toothpaste.

"Yeah, it's my toothpaste. What about it?"

"IT HAS STUFF OOZING FROM IT!" She points to a little toothpaste left from yesterday on the lid.  I groan and grab it, wipe it on my pajama shirt, stick my tongue out at her, and march out of the room. Ohhh how I hate me a drama queen. I open the door to my room again.

"LOUIS! GET UP! IT IS TIME TO GET UP IN THE MORNING!" I giggle and look at the laptop.  Louis is throwing a pillow at Harry on the other side of the bed, jumping up and down, his messy curls all over the place.

"Morning Haz."

"RILEE!" I giggle.  Louis opens his eyes sleepily.

"Morning Lou!"

"Morning..." He groans. I smile.

"Bye boys! Have a good day at rehearsals!"

"BYE RILEE! LOUIS GET YOU'RE-" I shut the laptop.  I giggle. Then I jump out of bed and into the shower, getting ready for the day.



"Hailey? Grace? Cali?" Suddenly, out of no where, a figure tackles me from behind.  I fall to the ground with an 'OOF!' and groan.  They laugh.



"Shut up and get off me!"

"Okay okay!" She jumps up and keeps chuckling to herself.  I walk to the kitchen and take out an apple for breakfast.  Then I walk into the living room and flip on Dance Acadamy (luv that show guys...I know, lame. Wtv. :D), waiting for the other girls. Brit comes in and sighs.

"We really have to watch this shit?"

"EXCUSE ME." I give her a mean look. She rolls her eyes.

"Fine. Fine, I get it. Dancer." She growls.  I grumble to myself and Hailey, Grace, and Cali all run in with pancakes.

"WHO WANTS BREAKFASSSTTT!!!!" I smile at Hailey's happiness. Someone talked to Harry last night.



I pass out the pancakes and look at the TV. Dance academy? What the heck? I sigh. Classic Rilee, dance dance dance.  I have a dance to this, I have a dance to that! I have only known her for a while, considering we met at an airport, but I know what she loves and she knows I love to sing.  She always says I will be a singer someday, totally not going to happen.

"What you thinkin' Hailey?"

"Nothing." I say to Rilee. She raises an eyebrow.  I shake my head.

"HARRY!" I blush.

"Sure, why not." I mumble. Seems logical. 

"Awh! Did you talk to him last night?" I look down at the floor, the tears threatening to spill. No. He hasn't even bothered to make contact with me, or answer my texts and calls since he left. I shake my head.

"Oh, Hailey..." She wraps an arm protectively around me.

"Oh shut your mouths.  You don't know anything. I haven't talked to Zayn for about two months."

"YOU HAVEN'T KNOWN HIM FOR TWO MONTHS!" Screams Rilee. She finally broke.  I was just about to.

"What did you just say to me?" She stands up with Rilee.  Rilee looks her over, head to toe.  Brit is about three inches taller, with the heels. "Say it to my face one more time."

"Alright.  We all hate you, and think you're a slut." Her jaw drops.  A hand swings and connects with Rilee's jaw.  She doesn't take one step back, she just looks her in the eye again, bringing a fist to her eye. Brit starts to cry and runs upstairs as fast as she can in heels.  Rilee growls in her direction and throws herself on the couch, pulling out her phone.  


"Hi, Lou.  Oh, hi Harry." My heart skips a few beats.  Rilee glances at me and smiles. "Where's Lou? Oh. Well I just punched Brit defending your girlfriend, so she's probably going to tell Zayn some lies.  You mind telling him she hit me first? And that she was telling us lies? And that we hate her and she's annoying? Yes.  Yes. Alright. Thank you Harry." She giggles. "LOVE YOU TOO LOUIS!" We all laugh. "Oh, yeah you can talk to her." She hands the phone to me. I gulp and put it up to my ear.


"Hailey." It comes out as a sigh of relief.

"Harry." I grin, imagining his dimples.

"I have exciting news!"

"Well? What is it?"

"You promise not to be creeped out?"

"What do you mean?" My eyebrow raises and Cali, Grace, and Rilee all scoot a little closer.  I hear Brit throwing a fit to Zayn in her room.

"Well..Just promise?"


"So, there was this day, that I heard someone singing, and it was you, and you were in the shower.  So, being the scary creepy boyfriend I am," My heart flutters when he says boyfriend, as if a million butterflies are traveling to the top of my head from the bottom of my stomach. "I stood outside the bathroom door and listened.  You were, I mean, are, amazing.  So, I talked to management all night last night..."

"Wait, what does management have to do with it?"

"You're going on tour with us."


"You, Hailey Simonson, are going on tour with us."  I just stare, jaw dropped, phone on the Grace's lap, eyes wide and bulging. 

"Oh. My. Curls." Rilee grabs my hand as it covers my mouth.


"Hailey?" I hear Harry's deep voice through the phone. I quickly pick it up.

"Are you serious?!"

"Dead serious."

"Oh my gosh."

"HAILEY?! WHAT ARE YOU OH MY-" I cover Rilee's mouth.

"Shut up Rilee!" I stand up and run into my room, shutting the door and sliding down it to the floor.  Harry is laughing on the other end.  His laugh.  It gets me every time.  I breathe shaky breaths, thinking of going on tour with them for the next six weeks, performing in front of millions and billions of screaming fangirls.  


"So, you up for it?"

"Do I get to like stay with you boys in the tour bus?"

"Yup! Is that okay? I mean, we could get you your own bus-"

"No that's perfectly fine."

"I'll text you the details, and we will see you at the airport?"


"Love you Hailey."

"I love you too." He hangs up.  




Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x
~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@

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