When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


31. Rouis: Stripes #TeamRouis(x

When Hailey and Harry went to get the food, the boys started arguing about something. I think about who to share rooms with at the hotel, Niall and Zayne end up chasing each other around. Liam groans and moans that he has a headache. Grace and I giggle. Louis looks at Zayne and Niall, then at Liam. He turns to look at me. I smile and he kisses my cheek.

"I love you Riri." I get those damn butterflies.

"I love you too Lou." I say trying not to giggle. He smiles and kisses my nose. Grace sighs an awh. I roll my eyes.


"Oh! I'm sorry! Did I ruin the moment?! Sorry. Pretend that didn't happen."

"Oh no she didn't!" Louis says in his sassy voice, snapping his fingers. We all giggle. Harley brings the food back. Niall attacks them. We pass the food around and grace and Nialler throw fries at each other. I turn to see Louis putting a cheeseburger in his coatpocket.


"Yes baby?"

"What are you doing with that burger exactly?"

"I'm going to get hungry on the plane!"

"Louis! You can't take food on the plane stupid!" I say, rolling my eyes. He points to himself and grins.

"Famous multimillionaire celebrity."

"You aren't that rich are you?!"

"I wish..." He drifts off.

"TIME TO LEAVE BOYS! EVERYONE ON THE PLANE!" Shouts Paul. I jump. Louis frowns and looks at me with tears in his eyes. He dramatically cries into my shoulder. I awkwardly pat his back.

"It's going to be okay Lou-"

"NO IT'S NOT!!!!!" He sobs. I sigh and rub circles into his back.

"You're so dramatic!" I moan. He jumps up and kisses my cheek.

"And you love me for it." I bite back a smile. He was really good at fake crying. "Yes I do." I whisper. He bites his lip and looks down.

"I'm really going to miss you Rilee." I feel myself tear up.

"Skype me every night. You promise?"

"I promise. I'll sing you to sleep. Just like at the flat." He whispers. I smile, holding back the tears. He strokes my face. I find myself leaning in to meet him in the middle. It's a soft kiss, gentle. Caring. Like he genuinely doesn't want to leave. I believe him. I don't want my Tommo to leave either. We pull away and he smothers my face in kisses, completely over-exaggerating. I can't help but laugh. It tickles my face. He smiles and pulls back. "I'll see you in six weeks?"

"Call me as soon as you're off that plane okay?"

"Whatever you want baby." I smile. I love it when he calls me that. He kisses my nose one last time before grabbing his carry-on and walking with Harry onto the plane. I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

Be strong.


I give up. Hailey and I just hug eachother and bawl our eyes out. Grace joins us. The driver ushers us out the door. Time to head home. I feel like a tiger without stripes without Louis.

Oh wait.



This one is my favorite!!(x

Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x
~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@

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