When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


15. Radio Show!:D


"Hailey? Hailey wake up love." I open my eyes to bright green orbs that you can recognize from anywhere. I groan and roll over.

"Five more minutes Harry..."

"Come on Boo, it's time to get up. I have to leave in an hour."

"Alright alright." I pull myself out of bed and walk to the bathroom.  "I'm going to take a shower."

"But that will waste the hour I get to spend with you!" He says sadly. I smile a sleepy smile.

"But I look terrible!"

"You look beautiful. Let's go!" He grabs my hand and pulls me downstairs. I try and fight him, but his grip on my hand is tight.


"Hailey!" I see Louis and Zayne talking about something on the couch, and Liam and Niall are making something in the kitchen.

"Morning lovebirds."

"Shut up." Mumbles Harry. He lets go of my hand and grabs some waffles, popping them into the toaster. "You hungry?" I shake my head. "Alright." He tells Liam to watch his waffles and grabs my hand pulling me into the living room. We take a seat on the couch next to Zayne. Louis sits quietly. He's all dressed and showered. He's the only one without pajams and no shirt on. I bite my lip trying not to check Harry and Zayne out. I hear the stairs creak and we all look up as Rilee and Grace walk down the stairs. Niall runs out and hugs Grace, spinning her around.

"MORNING GRACE!"  She giggles.

"Morning Niall." She mumbles into his shoulder. He lets go and pulls her into the kitchen. Rilee and I just stare after them.

"What just happened?" Asks Zayne. We all shrug our shoulders as Rilee sits next to Lou, laying her head on his shoulder.

"Guess what today is?" Asks Harry. I look at my phone.

"THE CONCERT!" I scream, jumping up and jumping around. Rilee giggles. Zayne stands and jumps around with me. Soon we're all jumping around. Zayne and Harry and Louis are screaming: "CONCERT! CONCERT! CONCERT!" Me and Rilee are just laughing and jumping around with them.

"Wait! Rilee doesn't have tickets!" Louis gasps and runs over to Rilee, shaking her shoulders.


"I thought I would try and find my mom while you boys performed, Grace could come with me. Hailey is the only one with a ticket." She says, looking at the ground. Lou shakes his head.

"You're coming whether you like it or not."


"NO! Consider it that date you owe me." Harry and Zayne almost choke on their spit.

"She owes you a date?!" We laugh at them, and Louis sits back down. Rilee plops down next to him. Liam brings Harry his waffles, and he eats them, talking to me.

"Are you excited?"


"Do you have backstage passes?"

"No.." I say frowning. Harry grins and pulls something out of his pocket.

"You do now." I look up. Three backstage passes. My eyes grow wide and I grab them and scream, throwing one at Rilee, and then running to the kitchen and throwing one at Grace. She giggles and I run out, and sit next to Harry, hugging the pass against my chest.

"EEEKKKK!!!!!!! I GET TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!" Everyone laughs.

"Haven't you already?"

"Oh...way to let me down guys." We all laugh. Louis jumps up all of a sudden.

"Shit!" Rilee smacks his arm.


"Sorry love. We are going to be late! EVERYONE TO THE VANNN!!!!" He runs out. Harry stares after him.

"Louis! We are in our pajamas!" He walks back in, finger pointing upstairs.

"EVERYONE TO THE SHOWER!" He runs upstairs and we all laugh. Harry kisses my cheek and smiles.

"I'll be back love."

"Okay..." I mumble. He grins and runs up the stairs, dragging Zayne with him. Liam and Niall come out of the kitchen.

"We heard Louis scream." Says Niall, gripping Grace's hand. I giggle.

"He's upstairs. Everyone to the shower." I shoo them along. Liam groans and walks up the stairs slowly. We laugh. Niall kisses Grace on the nose and hops up the stairs like the leprechaun he is. Grace is blushing like no one's business.


"That was cute." I mumble. Grace blushes brighter and Hailey and I laugh.

"Not as cute as Harley." Grace and I squeal and scoot close to Hailey.

"TELL US EVERYTHING!!!!" I scream. Grace jumps up and down in her seat. Hailey sighs.



"Kissed me." It's silent for about three seconds. She looks at us biting her lip. "Well?" Grace and I jump up and dance around.


"Shut up!" She smacks us playfully and we plop down next to her giggling. "I don't even know if I can call him my boyfriend yet." She sighs.

"I wouldn't mind." Harry walks into the room, shirtless, curly hair wet. We all blush and he chuckles.

"Fast shower!" I say.

"I try."  He shakes out his hair like a wet dog. We all squeal as we get sprinkled with his nasty head water. We laugh and Louis comes running down.

"I just realized I don't need to shower!" He says in an announcer voice. We laugh harder and he sits down on the floor. He eyes Harry. "Please tell me you're going to put a shirt on for that interview." We keep laughing and laughing until we're all rolling on the floor. (Figure of speech FYI lovelies.(:)

"You guys have an interview today?"

"Yup. Then a concert about an hour after, and practice and make-up inbetween.  Then we go to the after signing and meet fan thingy, then we get all cleaned up, and head home. So really, I have abolutely no time with my Hailey." Whines Harry. Hailey blushes and Grace and I smile. Louis rolls his eyes.

"I'm excited. Thousands of beautiful girls screaming your name..." Whispers Lou as he zones out. We all try not to laugh. Harry stands up and looks at Hailey.

"You want to go watch TV for the last fifteen minutes?" She smiles.

"Sure!" They walk up the stairs, hand in hand. Grace and I smile and giggle.

"They are so cute!" Louis groans and falls back. We laugh. Zayne walks in and sits next to Grace.

"Ello love!"

"Vas happenin'?" Says Grace. Everyone laughs again.


When it's time for the boys to leave for their interview, Harry, Zayne and Hailey are all talking, Liam and Niall are talking, Grace is getting Harry's keys so he doesn't have to leave Hailey, and I'm talking to Louis.

"I don't want to leave." He mumbles into my hair. He hugs me tighter and I giggle. "Promise me you'll watch the interview?"

"Promise! I wouldn't want to miss my best friend on television now would I?" He sighs and pulls away.

"Cross your heart and hope to die?" I make an X over my heart, and he kisses my nose. "Alright."

"LOUIS! TIME TO GO!" Yells Liam. Hailey and Harry won't stop hugging, Grace won't let go of Niall or Zayne, and Louis if frowning. Liam groans and walks out the door. "I guess I'll be in the van." I chuckle and Lou hugs my one last time.

"Have fun at your interview BooBear!"

"See you after the concert. I'll be looking for you backstage with Hailey alright?"

"Alright!" I give him a smile and wave at the rest of the boys as they walk out the door. Niall runs back and hugs me, making me giggle. Then he kisses Grace on the cheek.

"NIALL!" He jumps and runs out the door, shutting it behind him. It's silent. Grace and Hailey look at me.  "You thinking what I'm thinking?" I ask.

"Ice cream and a One Direction interview?" Hailey asks.

"You got it." We both run to the kitchen and open the freezer, each grabbing a tub of icecream. We run back to the living room and flip on the TV, scanning through the channels for MTV. Finally, we find the channel. They aren't on yet, and probably won't be for a while, so we just sit and talk.

"So, you and Niall Grace?" Asks Hailey raising her eyebrows. Grace blushes and we laugh. She smacks us.

"Shut up you guys!" She moans. We all giggle. Finally, tehe interview is on. I shush everyone and scoot to the edge of the couch, taking another scoop of icecream. I swear we all do it at the same time.

"Please welcome, ONE DIRECTION!" Says the interviewer. We all cheer from the couch. The boys wave at the camera and walk out to the chairs. They take a seat and the interviewer smiles at them.

"Harry, I heard you filled in your star tattoo."

"Yes I did."

"Would you like to show us?" The crowd goes nuts, and the three of us on the couch fangirl, even though we've already seen it. Harry laughs and shakes his head.

"Oh come on Hazza, give the ladies something to stare at!" Louis says, holding up Harry's arm, and pulling his sleeve up, so everyone can see the tattoo. The crowd goes nuts, and everyone laughs.

"I have also seen these pictures of you and this mystery girl walking out of your hotel." The screen shows a picture of Hailey and Harry walking out, hand in hand.

"When did that happen?!" I ask. They never left without us with them. Hailey blushes.

"A few days ago, I guess they caught us. We kind of snuck out."

"Well..." I mumble.

"Who is this girl Harry? Girlfriend perhaps?" Grace and I scoot closer and closer to the TV. Hailey is biting her lip. Harry blushes on the TV and looks at the boys. They shrug. Niall mouths the words: Why not?  I didn't notice how close I was to the edge of the couch. Just as Harry is opening his mouth, I drop off the edge. Icecream flies everywhere and we all laugh.

"Yeah. Her name is Hailey." We all stop laughing immediately.

"Did he just say...?" Starts Hailey.

"So this Hailey girl is your girlfriend?" Harry nods and smiles. The crowd goes crazy again. I can't move. I am covered in icecream, on the floor, my butt hurts, my head is spinning, and Hailey is staring wide eyed, mouth open, at the TV.

"Wait wait!" Says Harry. "Don't give her any hate, I don't want her to get hurt." Hailey blushes.

"AWHHH!!" Sighs Grace and I. Harry waves at the camera. We all know he's waving to Hailey. "AWHHH!!!" We sigh again. Hailey hits me on the arm.


"Oh right, sorry." We stare at the TV again.

"So, anyone else have any girlfriends we should know about?" The interviewer looks at the boys exchanging looks on the couch. I elbow Grace.

"Niall does!" I whisper. Grace hits my arm like Hailey and I giggle. Harry looks at Louis.


"Uhh...." He looks at his feet. We all make a weird face at the TV. Louis looks at Niall. "Niall?"

Niall looks up at him and blushes.

"I want to ask her out mate, but honestly I'm too chicken."

"Who?" Asks the interviewer. Hailey and I look at Grace and she shakes her head.

"There's no way it's me guys!"

"Her name is Grace, she's living with us and two other girls." We all gasp.

"WHAT?!" She screams. She pulls out her phone. She starts furiously typing. We all giggle.

"What other girls?"

"Well Harry's girlfriend Hailey, and Louis' girlfriend Rilee." Hailey nudges me.

"No no no!" I whisper. Louis looks at Niall.

"Not yet!" He says with a wink. Niall grins and the interviewer claps her hands.

"Well there you go folks! Three girls are living with One Direction, all are being crushed on by the band. Hailey, Rilee, and Grace. We have a few more questions for you boys..."

The interview goes on, asking Louis about his thing with carrots and pigeons, and Harry about his hair. They ask Zayne about mirrors, and Niall about Nandos. Liam is serious as usual. They finish and shake hands with the interviewer. She leads them offstage and we know they pile into the van, getting ready for their concert. Hailey jumps up.





I. Am. In. Heaven. I scream and shout and jump around. I am finally here, at their concert. They play the opening video and everyone is screaming. My ears and throat already hurt, and we aren't even two minutes into the concert.  Suddenly Niall jumps onstage, then Zayne, Liam, Harry and Louis. I scream and jump. I see them all looking out and waving. Harry scans the crowd. His eye catches on me and he smiles and winks. What Makes You beatiful starts playing, and the singing begins.

**Hailey you stinker! Making me post early...anyway. Hope you liked it, can't wait to post the next half of the used to be all together chapter. Well, Adios.


Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x


~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@


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