When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


20. Piggy-back Race!:D

A/N ok guys, I know I said Oscars, but I kinda didn't realize Oscars are movies...Uhh, idiot much? Haha, anyways! So they are now going for the AMA's.(: Alright lovelies, on to the thingy! :D


We pull up to the hotel. We all run inside, hoping we can all rush to the awards so we can make the red carpet. We run up the stairs, not bothering to try the elvator while Liam checks us in.

"FASTER!!!!!!"  Louis screams. We all laugh and speed up. Eventually, Harry gets tired of the slow pace.

"CARRY THE GIRLS! TOO SLOW!" They pick us up and throw us over our shoulders. We all scream and laugh. I don't know who's carrying me, but I know they must be strong to keep running up a flight of stairs with me over their shoulder. I hear a lock and someone opening a door. Whoever it is carrying me sets me down, and I run up the stairs, to pick a room to change in.  I plug in the straightener to curl my hair and find my dress. I pull it on and run while putting on my heels to the bathroom to do my makeup.  Hailey and Grace are already there.

"I'M GOING! CALM DOWN!"  I pull out my mascara and eye liner, putting it on as Hailey runs out the door. I run out, Grace behind me. I sprint to my room(Or sprint as fast as I can in heels, more like speed-walking. :D) and grab the straightener, straightening my hair quickly. I grab my phone and bag, putting on lipgloss as I walk down the stairs. I sit down on the couch. Zayne plops down next to me, his hair done perfectly, and in a nice suit. He grins at me and I grin back. Grace sits next to him in a beautiful green dress, and we all keep smiling like idiots.  Niall suddenly runs in and jumps on Zayne's lap. Zayne groans. We all laugh. Niall is wearing dress pants and a nice shirt and tie. Liam runs in and sits on the armchair, in a nice shirt and tie like Niall. Harry runs in and falls back onto the floor. He's wearing a blazer and bowtie, with nice pants and shoes. His hair is perfect as always.  Hailey walks in with her nice dress on. She sits on Harry and he sits up and smiles at her. She smiles back.

"DONT KISS!" Screams Louis as he runs in, pulling on his suspenders. We all laugh.

A/N I just realized that last paragraph was like that one video diary where they're all on the cough and Zayne pops up and screams Vas Happenin and Lou...oh never mind. I'll rant forever. Back to the story!(:

Louis helps me up and we walk hand in hand to the elevator. Harry and Hailey run down the hall, Hailey on Harry's back. We laugh. Niall and Grace race after them.

"We're going to win!" Screams Harry.

"Not if I have a say in it!" Screams Niall. Liam runs after them.

"Don't ruin your suits boys! Be careful! Niall don't rip her dress! HARRY DON'T MESS UP YOUR HAIR! BOYS!" We laugh harder. Zayne catches up to us.

"You excited?"

"YES!" Louis and I say at the same time. We all cram into the elevator and reach the lobby. Paul is waiting for us there, with a few bodygaurds and a driver. They lead us out to the car. We all crowd in. I sit inbetween Louis and Zayne, Hailey sits next to Zayne, Harry next to her, Niall next to him, and Grace on the other end. Louis shuts the door.

"We so won!"

"In your dreams Niall!" Says Harry.

"Pfft! We soooo won!" Says Grace. Louis Zayne and I all exchange looks. Zayne makes the crazy sign and I giggle.

"I think it was a tie!" Says Hailey. Harry nudges her.

"No babe we definitely won." Hailey smiles at him. He rolls his eyes. "Fine, I'm calling it a tie..." Then he whispers under his breath: "But we still won!" Hailey hits him on the arm.


Well what a pleasant hour-long car ride this will be.

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