When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


37. Harley Reunited. <3

Chapter for those #TeamHarley(; lovers out there.


Just Hailey.

Haha! :D I'm so mean. I'm just kidding guys, I tots ship team Harley. But of course, Team Rouis is a ton more likely. :D




  I walk off the plane and look around. The London airport looks the same as when I got here last.


Where is he?


I walk around the gate, but he is no where in sight. He was supposed to meet me here, that's what boyfriends do right? Hailey, your boyfriend isn't normal. He's in the worlds most famous boyband since The Beatles. I sigh and sit down on a chair, waiting for him. I don't hear any screaming, so he's definitely not down the hall trapped by girls. No one is crying anywhere near, so I don't think anyone has seen him.

So he's...


Not coming?

Damn, you're delusional. He doesn't have that much time. He can't come visit you everytime you get off the-

"Hailey?" My head snaps up. A familiar mess of brown curls is bent down on one knee in front of me.

"Harry." It comes out as a sigh as I jump onto him. His strong arms wrap around my back, pulling me closer. Before I know it, we are both hugging each other and he's spinning me around like he hasn't seen me for years. Then, the room stops spinning and he sets me down, gripping both of my hands like he never wants to let go.  I smile up at him and he flashes his dimples before he bends down and kisses me gently on the mouth.

I never want it to end.

But, of course, being the famous popstar he is, a bunch of squealing fangirls intterupt us with cries of joy.  I giggle as a few thrust napkins at us to sign.  Harry hands me a spare sharpie and I sign as many as I can as he picks up my bags, doing the same with his other hand.

"You ready to go love?" Many of the girls scream when he says love, and I want to scream with them.

I'm dating Harry Fryggin Styles.

No, not dating.

He's my boyfriend.

"Yeah, let's go." He puts his sharpie in his pocket and grabs my hand.  A security gaurd clears the path for us and we head out of the aiport gate.  We walk through the hallway and out the main doors, where a nice black Hummer awaits us.

"I feel like the president." Harry mumbles grumpily. I giggle as he hands my bags to the driver, who loads them in the back by himself, despite Harry and I's efforts to help. We hop in the back seat and get as close to each other as possible as girls crowd around the car, touching the windows with their hands, and crying because they saw Harry. Because the windows are tinted the darkest they can be, they cannot see us, though. So, Harry kisses me again.



the start.

Of something beautiful. ED SHEERANNN MOMENNNTTTT)


When we get to the penthouse the boys are at, we walk hand in hand to the door and open it carefully, so Louis can't jump on us.

"Boys? We're home!" Yells Harry. I take off my boots and walk in my socks across the soft carpet. It's dark, no lights are on, and I'm absolutely terrified.

Who knows which one of them are going to tackle me first?

"Boys?" I whisper. No answer. Hmm, maybe they aren't home.

Suddenly two arms wrap around me from behind and push me to the ground. I scream.

Spoke too soon, Hailey, spoke too soon.

"Hailey?! Hailey are you alright?" The lights flicker on and Harry is standing, looking at me, on the floor, covered by a Louis.


"Louis! Get off me!" I try to push him off, but he just sits on me, like I'm some lumpy couch.

"Louis!" Harry grabs his arm and pulls him up. Then he helps me up and wraps an arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. Niall walks out of the kitchen, eating a sandwhich.


"Hailey!" Niall gives me a hug and I hug back, aware of Harry's arm on the small of my back.

Before I got on that plane, it was my dream to have a Horan Hug.

Now I get them regularly.

"I missed you Nini!" I say with a giggle.  He chuckles and pulls away.

"And I miss Grace." He says with a sad smile. Then he takes a bite of his sandwhich and heads back into the kitchen, bumping into Liam with a slice of pizza.

"Hi Hailey."

"Ello Liam." He's holding up a phone to his ear. "Who you talking to?"

"Cali." He says with a smile.  I grin.


"I know she is." He says, walking down the hall.

"Where's Zayn?"

"He's seemed pretty depressed lately," Says Louis, turning on the TV. "I think he went for a swim in the pool."

"Lou, Zayn can't swim."

"Well maybe he's walking around the pool."

Oh, Lou.

"Maybe." I say with a smile at Harry. He rolls his eyes and pulls me down the hall towards where Liam went. I hear him telling Cali about the tour rehearsels in his room as we walk by. Harry leads me past about seven rooms, all of them empty.

"Why so many rooms?"

"In case we have guests I guess." He stops at one at the end of the hall. "Here's your room." I grin at the color scheme, really bright, just how I like it. I throw a suitcase on the bed. "You want me to help you unpack?"

"Sure. You can unpack that one over there." I say pointing to a suitcase near the door.  He grabs it and brings it back. "So where's your room at."  He fumbles with the zipper and glances at me.

"Across the hall. That alright?" I nod fighting a smile. I pull out my shirts on hangers and hang them up in the closet. "I really missed you, you know that?" Now I can't fight that smile. I nod and turn around to face him.  He's looking at me with a passion flickering in his eyes.

Does hanging up clothes really turn this boy on?

I think anything can if that's true.

"I missed you too." He smiles and turns back to the suitcase.  I walk back to mine and pull out pajamas. I put them in the dresser and turn back to him. He's holding up one of my posters. The life size one of him. I quickly run over and snatch at it.

And it tears.

Right up the middle.

My eyes grow wide and tears threaten to spill out of my eyes. Harry just stares at the two pieces like they are a dead puppy, his jaw dropped.

"You just ripped my face in half." I make a sound in between a laugh and a sob.  He pulls me into a hug. "Hey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to rip it.  I can get you a new one."

"That one's from my brother." I say through tears. His chin rests on the top of my head.

"I want to meet this brother who gave you my face to hang on your wall." I sob/laugh again and sniff. I kiss his collarbone, the closest thing to my mouth, through his v-neck white t-shirt. I have one exactly like it hanging in my closet.

It's also his.

"You would love him." I say, pulling away.

"Oh would I now?" He whispers, wiping off the tears on my cheeks with his thumb. We stand like that for a minute or so, just staring at each other. "And there I was, thinking that if a girl had me, the real me, she wouldn't cry over my posters." I laugh, a real laugh, and he grins.

"Thank you Harry."

"For ripping my face?"

"No. For making it better after you ripped your face." We both laugh.


Oh, how I missed this cheeky boy.




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