When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


10. 'Harley' happening at the hospital!(;

Niall and I run into the room. Harry takes me back while Niall checks both of us in. We run up the flight of stairs and Harry points to a door. He sits on the bench and puts his head in his hands.

"Harry..." I sit next to him and hug him gently.

"It's....m-m-my fault." He whispers, his voice showing he doesn't want to cry.

"No. It's not you fault."

"I shouldn't have let her leave to get us dinner....sh-sh-she said she needed to ta-talk to you after..." He finally can't hold it any longer. Niall comes and comforts him. I walk through the door. Oh Hailey...she is bruised and banged up pretty bad. I shake her awake.


"Hey. You got mobbed by directioners."



"Oh...where's Harry?" I smile.

"Out in the hall."  She frowns.

"Why isn't he in here?"

"He's crying, he didn't want to embarress himself."

"Please tell him to come in?" She says with a sigh. I giggle and nod.

"Sure!" I walk out and smile at Harry. "She's awake." His head instantly flips up. He has tear stains on his face, and his hair is a mess. I walk over and fix him up. He smiles.

"Thank you Rilee."

"No problem Hazza." He walks towards the door. When he puts his hand on the handle, I yell: "HAVE FUN HARLEY!"

"Harley? Oh! I see what you did there..." I giggle and sit next to Niall. We can here Harley laughing about something after a while. I look at Niall. He's staring at me.



"Ok?"  I look back towards the door. No one comes out. No sounds. Niall laughs quietly. "What?"

"Let's hope they're not making out..."

"Oh my." I roll my eyes. Like Hailey would let him do that...right? **A/N  Haha! Hailey! :D!** Finally Harry walks out of the room. The doctor comes up to us.

"Here for Hailey?"

"Yup!" Says Harry happily.

"She can leave tomorrow, we just need to make sure she can heal on track."

"Alright. Thanks." Says Niall. I smile at Harry and he returns the favor. Niall grabs my hand.

"Lou is worried about you. He says you snuck out or something." He says with a chuckle. I giggle and he pulls me towards the stairs.

"You coming Haz?"

"No...I'm going to stay with Hailey."

"You mean Harley."

"Oh shush Ri." He groans. We laugh and Niall pulls me down the stairs.


Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x


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