When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


1. Betrayal

-Rilees POV-

"Katy you coming?"

"Yeah! Give me a minute I just need to put on my dress!" I sigh and grab the car keys. Katy has been my best friend for at least three years now. Her boyfriend is having a party tonight. She told me I should tag along with her. I said I would and we went dress shopping and everything.

"Katy! We are going to be late!"

"Go start the car! Ill be right there!" I grab my bag and run outside. I start the car as she jumps in the passenger seat. "Let's go!" We speed off to the party. I make a left turn an stop in front of his house. We jump out and run inside. We are late again, as usual. We walk through the door. Katy immediately goes to where her boyfriend is, drinking beer. I roll my eyes and look around. I see Isacc, one of my old friends from my old high school. I walk up to him.

"Hey Isacc!!!"

"Rilee!" He pulls me into a huge hug and I giggle.

"What are you doing here?" He asks eagerly.

"Oh, it's my best friends boyfriends party." I say. He laughs.

"What a mouthful!"

"I know right." I say giggling and shaking my head. We talk for a while. After a couple hours, I tell him I have to head off and find Katy. He asks for my number so we can talk later and we exchange. I hug him and then am off to find Katy. She shouldn't be drunk, she doesn't really drink. I find her with her boyfriend. "Katy! It's time to go!"

"Ugh no. Since when am I your friend?!" She's drunk. I can tell.

"Katy your drunk lets get out of here."

"I'm not drunk bitch. Leave." I can't believe it. What the hell!? She just kicked me out of her boyfriends party! I stomp outside and run as fast as I can in heels. I run home and start packing a suitcase. I don't know where I'm going, but I need to leave. Now. I grab a taxi to the airport and get the first ticket I see. London.


***hey! This is my first fanfiction, and the first boring chapter. It gets better!!! Don't give up on me yet! I hope you guys weren't bored to death...anyways, just, like favorite comment please? I try and respond to all comments!

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