When two lines meet...

Hailey is leaving for a One Direction concert in London.
Rilee is getting away from life.
Niall Horan is headed back after vacation to meet the boys.
What happens when fate brings them together?

A fast paced story about ten best friends, all on an adventure to find the careers they've always wanted, and maybe the loves of their lives.


17. Award Date


Thank you for the idea Hailey!(;


I sit back against Louis' shoulder and yawn. I slowly close my eyes and drift off to sleep...


"RILEE! RILEE WAKE UP!" I open my eyes quickly. Hailey and Grace come into view.

"Shhh!!!" They shush me just as I'm about to talk. "Look at how cute!" Says Grace. She holds up a picture of Hailey and Harry snuggling and I giggle. I shake Louis, on the floor.

"Louis! Wake up!"

"Five more minutesss...." We all giggle.

"Harley was caught cuddling!" Louis jumps up and grabs Grace's phone. We laugh and he smiles.

"CUTE!!!!!!" He yells.

"SHHH!" We shush him. He smiles and blushes. Then he sits back down on the floor.

"How is that comfortable?"

"It's not, but you deserve the bed."

"Oh come on Lou! We can take turns!"

"Or you can share..." Mumbles Hailey. I give her the death glare and she smiles. "Just a thought!" Louis jumps up on the bed and lays his head down on the pillow. I sigh and pull the blanket over my head. He chuckles. Hailey and Grace walk out the door and probably down to show Niall or Zayne the picture.

"Goodnight Love!"

"Shut up Lou."

"Someone isn't a fan of sharing."

"Yes." He chuckles as he wraps his arms around me. Trying not to fangirl, I bite my lip.


"Skittles! Skittles wake uppppppp!!" I groan and roll over, almost falling off the bed. I squeal and roll the other way, right into Louis. He chuckles. I look up at him. "Morning Love!"

"Shush." I roll back over and pull the blanket back over my head. Louis jumps up.

"Come on! We made breakfast!" He's fully dressed in a really nice suit.

"What's with the suit?"

"You'll see, just get your butt out of bed!"

"Alright! I'm working on it!" I jump up and pull my hair in a messy bun, fixing my sweats and tank top, and lacing my fingers through Louis'. We walk down the stairs and I rub my eyes as all the boys kiss me on the cheeks, one by one. Zayne, Harry, Niall, Liam, then Lou pull me over to the counter and sits my down at a breakfast buffet. All the boys are in suits, and they all hold napkins over their arms. I giggle. Hailey walks down the stairs, the boys all giving her kisses, then seating her, Grace shortly after.

"What's all this for?"

"For being the greatest people on the planet." Mumbles Niall. We giggle.

"Actually, Niall, we got nominated for an award...Oscar? You ever heard of those?" Our mouths drop.

"OF COURSE! OSCARS?! HOLY CRAP!" We all cheer and squeal. The boys lay out breakfast and take a seat next to us. We dig in. Breakfast is delicious!

"Who made this?"

"MEE!!" Screams Harry and Louis at the same time. We all laugh.

"So you are going back to America for the oscars?" Asks Hailey.

"Yup!" Says Niall. We gasp.

"That's so cool! I'm so excited to see you guys on TV!!" Says grace. Niall shakes his head.

"You can't watch us on the Telly."

"Why?" We all gasp.

"Because you're coming with us." Says Harry, his cheeky smile plastered on his face. We just stare at them.

"You're taking...us? Out of all the friends and family you could've taken..."

"I'm bringing my mum!" Says Zayne. We look at Liam.

"I'm actually bringing my girlfriend."

"GIRLFRIEND?!" We all gasp. He laughs.

"Yeah, sorry I didn't tell you earlier. Busy I guess." We just stare at him.

"I'm bringing my girlfriend!" Screams Harry. Louis nods.

"Me too!"

"You boys have girlfriends too?" Says Hailey, looking heartbroken.

"Yes! Of course! Her name is Hailey." Says Harry. Hailey looks up at him.

"You've. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me." He shakes his head. She practically jumps across the table to pull him into a hug. We all laugh.

"So that means Louis'...Rilee?" I look at Louis.

"No no no! Not that I know of!"  I screech.  Louis grins at me.

"Maybe we can just call it a date then?"

"Alright. It's a date." I'm dating Louis Tomlinson. .-. I think my heart just stopped. Grace shuffles awkwardly on her seat.

"NIALL IS TAKING GRACE!" I shout. Niall looks at me with a glare. I giggle.

"I wanted to ask her meself!" We all laugh. Well, I guess it's a quadruple date... ****************************************************************************************************** Hailey runs around her and Harry's room, panicking. Grace and I sit on their bed, waiting for her to try something on. She finally picks a cute blue dres that compliments her hair and eyes.

"Perfect!" Grace and I agree. Hailey nods and looks herself over in the mirror. I hop up and walk to my room. Time to get ready. I hear grace follow me out. Harry passes us in the hallway.

"Is she done changing?"

"She should be, yes." I respond. I walk into my room and grab a light red dress. I do my hair straight and pull on heels. I apply a little bit of makeup. That looks good. I take it off and throw it in my suitcase. I sigh and fall back on my bed. This has to be a dream.... *********************************************************************************** Haileys POV

I spin in the mirror, wondering what I will do with my hair and if harry will like my dress.

"You look absolutely stunning." His arms wrap around my waist and his chin rests on my shoulder as he smiles at me. I sigh and grabs his hands in mine, laying my head on his.

"Are you sure it's not to much? Not enough?"

"It's perfect. I think I might have a bowtie that color too...we could match!" I giggle as he plants a kiss on my cheek and walks over to the dresser, looking for something.

"Have you seen my iPhone?"


"I wonder where it went..." He sighs and gives up. I mess around with my hair. He walks back over to the mirror and stands next to me. I turn to face him and he does the same.

"You sure it's alright with you? I mean...you'll get a ton of hate, and many people might not like you...there will be rumors, it will be hard...I just want you to be happy me safe." I look up into his green eyes. He's asking me if I'm alright with being his girlfriend. Is he kidding?!

"I'm perfectly fine with it. You're there to protect me right?" He nods. I smile. I didn't notice he was holding my hands until now. He's leaning in. Our lips meet and I instantly get those butterflies I felt the first time. He pulls back and bites his lip lightly.

"Definitely." I smile. Someone knocks on the door.


**hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for all the likes and favorites nthanks for the idea Hailey!(; hope you likes your moment there. Decided to end the chapter early...tired. Tomorrow I have to work, but I will definitely publish A TON on Wednesday. :)

Luv Yewh My Little Owlz(x


~$WaGMaSta FrOm DoNCaSt@

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