Grace Grande and Harry Styles have been dating for a year now but Harry is acting all strange. One day Harry forgets his phone at home and Grace checks his phone and see texts that may change their relationship forever.


2. Something's up.

Grace's P.O.V
A few weeks have past and Harry is acting really weird. He's hiding something. Harry comes to my house for a few minutes then he gets a text or phone call then he says 'bye babe' then walks out. No hug kiss or anything. We havent hugged in at least 3 weeks. He is all busy. Last night he was susposed to meet me at the cinemas so we can see a movie and he didnt turn up. I need to what he is doing.
I walked to the door so I can open it. When I opened it Harry was standing on the door step looking at his phone smiling.
"What are you smiling at?" I asked.
"Oh. Nothing." Harry said walking in.
"Uh ok you can come in." I said.
"Thanks." Harry said walking to the fridge.
He is being such a dick.
"Whats up with you lately?" I asked.
"Nothing. How about you?" Harry asked.
"Harry whats going on?" I asked.
He quickly turned aroubd and tryed to think of a explanation.
"My friend he is leaving uh in three weeks to uh go back uh home." Harry mumbled.
"Uh huh. Whats your friends name?" I asked getting impatient.
"Uh um Paul." Harry quickly.
"Paul. Hm. Ok." I said lying.
"Well I better go babe." Harry said grabbing a bottle of water and leaving. I felt a tear drip down my face. Why is Harry lying. Why isn't he saying anything. All of a sudden someone else came to the door. I answered it and Eleanor and Louis were standing there.
"Hey guys." I said wiping my tears away.
"Whats wrong?" Eleanor asked.
"Nothing. Do you guys wanna come in?" I asked.
They just nodded and I let them in. We walked to my living room and we sat down.

Eleanor's P.O.V
Grace is upset about something.
"Whats up?" I asked again.
"Nothing. I just had a bad day." Grace said.
"Poor grace." Louis said cockily.
"Shutup." Grace said giggling.
"Do you and Harry wanna see a movie later?" Louis asked.
"Um I don't feel too well. Maybe you should ask Harry." Grace said.
"Oh." Louis said.
Louis grabbed her TV remote and turned her TV on. I slapped his hand.
"Ow." Louis said.
"Ask Grace first." I said.
"No its alright. Louis can watch whatever. Besides...." Grace said.
"Ew why would I watch that?" Louis asked.
"Hehe. I dont know. Was just wondering." Grace laughed.
Louis put the soccer on and he was screaming hard out.
"GET THE BALL! GET IT!" Louis screamed.
"Be quiet." I said.
Louis didnt listen as he was watching the game. Oh well no TV for him tonight.
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