Grace Grande and Harry Styles have been dating for a year now but Harry is acting all strange. One day Harry forgets his phone at home and Grace checks his phone and see texts that may change their relationship forever.


5. Its awkward around him.

Grace's P.O.V

I have had sleepless night ever since me and Harry broke up. It has been at least a month. I grabbed my photo album and looked through it. It was covered with photos of me and Harry. I turned the page and there was a photo of me, Harry, Liam and Danielle having a piggyback race. That was when we went to Malibu. We were on the beach all day. They were good times. 


"Hey Lou what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing. What are you doing later?" Louis asked.

"Nothing. Why?" I said.

"GREAT! You and me movie!"

"Um ok. Does Eleanor know?" I asked.

"Yeah. It was her idea." Louis said.

"Ok then what time?" I asked.

"5.00 we will watch Ted." Louis said.

"Ok then see you at the movies." I said hanging up.

I looked at the time and it was 11.25 am. I decided to go for a walk around London so I grabbed my coat, Phone and IPod and headed off. I decided to get a hot chocolate at Starbucks. When I walked in I spotted Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry! I just walked to the counter hoping that they wouldn't notice me. When I grabbed my hot chocolate Liam saw me.

"Hey Grace. Come sit." Liam said. 

I shook my head.

"I have to go." I said walking out. 

Just as I walked out I saw Harry run out.

"Grace you can go and have coffee with them I was just leaving." Harry said.

Before I could say anything he ran across the road.

"HARRY WAIT." I yelled. 

But he couldn't hear me because he was in his car already. I watched him drive away. I can't even be around him and his friends. I looked back at The boys but kept walking. What have I done?


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