Grace Grande and Harry Styles have been dating for a year now but Harry is acting all strange. One day Harry forgets his phone at home and Grace checks his phone and see texts that may change their relationship forever.


7. I think I love him again.

Grace's P.O.V
I woke up and looked around. I saw Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn sitting on chairs next to my bed.
"What happened?" I asked.
"Can't you remember?" Zayn asked.
"All I remember is that I was in a elevator and I called Liam for help. Thats all." I said
"Well lets just say you got knocked out." Louis said.
"Ok thanks. But where did I get knocked out?" I asked.
"The elevator. A metal bar fell and it knocked you out. Harry saved you." Liam said.
I looked at Harry and he was looking at the ground.
"Thanks." I said.
"No problem." Harry said.
"So why am I in here?" I asked.
"Your head lost alot of blood and you broke your arm. Your heads alright." Niall said.
"Thanks Niall." I said smiling.
"Who wants some food?" Niall asked.
"ME." The boys screamed.
I giggled.
"I better go with Niall so he doesn't eat everything." Harry said getting off his chair.
"Ok be fast." Zayn said.
As the left the room the rest of the boys looked at me.
"You like Harry again aye." Louis said?
"No." I said.
"Really?" Louis asked.
"Yeah. I think i'm in love with him again." I said.
Shit. Please tell me that I didn't say that.
"YOU LOVE HARRY AGAIN." Louis yelled.
"Calm down Lou." Liam said.
"Can I please get you too back together?" Louis asked.
"No. He probably is still seeing Taylor." I said.
"He isn't. He loves you too." Liam said.
"Well I just wanna be friends for a while." I said.
"Fine." Louis said.
Just as Louis finished talking Harry and Niall walked through the door with Nandos.
"Nandos seriously?" I asked.
"Hell yeah." Niall said.
"We got you something to. In case if you were hungry." Harry said.
"Thanks." I said smiling.
"Do you guys know when Im aloud out?" I asked.
"Tonight." Harry said.
"Yay." I said.
The boys laughed.
"What?" I asked.
I noticed that Louis was writing stupid stuff on my leg.
"Stop it Lou." I said kicking my legs.
"One more thing." Louis said.
"Fine." I said.
Louis did a stick figure on a skateboard like his tattoo.
"Yeah g." I said giggling.
The boys stayed with me at the hospital. And lets just say me and Harry are friends now.
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