Grace Grande and Harry Styles have been dating for a year now but Harry is acting all strange. One day Harry forgets his phone at home and Grace checks his phone and see texts that may change their relationship forever.


6. Help!

Grace's P.O.V Today I decided to go see the boys at the recording studio. So I got up and got ready. By the time it was 10.43 am I was ready and I hopped in my car. I turned the radio up loud and headed to the studio. When I arrived there I got out of the car grabbed my stuff and walked in. I walked to the lift and got in it. I pushed the button for level 20 and it started moving. When I was right by level 14 the lift stopped. I fell in the ground with all the pressure. I thought that someone was on the other side wanting to come in but the doors wouldn't budge. I pushed the emergency exit button and the doors flung open and all I could see was a metal wall. I started to panic. I closed the doors and the elevator started shaking. "AHH HELP ME SOMEBODY." I screamed. When the lift stopped shaking I thought I was safe but I wasn't the lift just started falling. "HELP ME!" I screamed again. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called Liam. "Hello." Liam said "LIAM HELP ME!" I screamed. "Why what happened?" Liam asked. "I I am in the lift in the recording studio and the lift is playing up but please help me." I said "WE ARE ON OUR WAY." Liam shouted. Harry's P.O.V "WE ARE ON OUR WAY." Liam shouted. "Whats up?" I asked. "Grace is stuck in the lift." Liam said. Louis and Niall cracked up laughing. "Grace stuck in the lift thats halirious!" Louis said "She may be in trouble guys!" Liam said. "True that. Lets go." Zayn said. I followed all the boys when we arrived to the lift doors Liam pushed the button. The doors opened straight away. There was no lift there what so ever. "GRACE!" Liam yelled. "LIAM GUYS HELP ME." Grace screamed. I looked down where the lift was and it was stuck in one place. "HARRY LOOK OUT!" Zayn yelled. I looked up quickly and saw a huge metal bar fall. I pulled my head in just in time. It was bit enough that it could cut through the lift. WHAT ABOUT GRACE! "GRACE WATCH OUT!" I yelled. I couldn't see or hear anything until the metal bar smashed through the lift. The lift was in half and you could now see Grace but she got knocked out. She was lying on the floor. "I need to save her!" I said "What are you planning to do?" Liam asked. "You'll see." I said I looked at this line of some sort of rope in front of me and it would rake me down to Grace. I looked behind me and just jumped. "HARRY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Louis yelled. I almost missed the rope but I didn't. I lowered myself down. When I got to the lift grace was bleeding. "GUYS SHE'S BLEEDING." I said. I took my shirt off and wrapped it around her huge cut on her arm. "GUYS THERE IS A ROPE THAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU GRAB THAT ROPE AND PULL IT. IT WILL LIFT THE REST OF THE LIFT UP." I yelled. "BUT THE LIFT WILL TIP AND YOU GUYS WILL TIP OUT." Liam Yelled back. "Just do it." I yelled. I saw Liam grabbed the rope and the lift started moving. It started tipping a little bit. I was holding onto Grace so she wouldn't fall out. Suddenly the lift just tipped and i almost let go of Grace. "LIAM KEEP PULLING THE ROPE. WE ARE ALMOST THERE." I yelled. Liam kept pulling the rope. The lift got bac into place and i could finally stand. When I saw The boys i started smiling when we got at the same level I felt a bit anxious. There was a huge gap. That means I have to jump. "Guys i have to throw Grace over because I wouldn"t make it with grace in my arms." I said. They all got ready to catch Grace. "Ok three, two, one." I said. When i said one the threw Grace and the caught her. Niall and Zayn called a ambulance. I was getting ready to jump when the lift tipped again. It went upside down. I had to hold on to the bar that was for support. "HARRY WE ARE GONNA SAVE YOU." Louis yelled. Someone started pulling the rope and then i could see them. "Harry you have to let go of the bar but swing yourself so you can grabbed the edge of the floor." Liam said. I started consentrating on the floor. I started swinging and before i knew it i swung and grabbed the floor. One of my hands slipped and my other one was slipping too. "HELP!" I yelled. Louis came and tryed to help me up. "Liam come help me." Louis said. "I can't if I let go of the rope the lift will fall and it will hit Harry on the way down. Louis finally got the strength and pulled me up. I crawled to the carpet and collapsed. Thats was terrifying. (Sorry this was done on my phone so this has a lot of spelling mistakes. Really sorry about that. But hope you enjoy :) xoxo love Lauren)

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