Not Exactly

Everything in Nina's life has been normal, er, not exactly, unless you say beautiful white wings unnatural..? Her angelic life is flipped upside-down as the world closes in on her and she has to save the world, with of course the help of major hottie, Dawson Loch, did she forget he was a Death Angel? He was evil! Death! Bad! Enemy! But when the world comes crashing into her fantasy world, Will she save the world? Or will love draw the world to an end?

This is my original book! All ideas are mine!(:


1. Dawson Loch

Dawson wasn't exactly like the other Death Angels, or as the Pures called them Death Callers. The other Death Angels were violent, always scaring people and breaking laws. At first Dawson did enjoy doing it, although not as violent as the others, but after awhile it grew boring, and he slacked on his scaring skills, which lead him down in the lower Clan ranks. Just a few days ago Dawson had been flying just over the Clans territory and he heard hushed voices, “We need to get the Crystal of Delana! If we don't then the Clan will be overruled by the Pure Ones!.” A voice said, Dawson understood it was Kai, the Clans leader. Why did they want the Crystal of Delana? It was the most powerful crystal in the Crystal Cavern and it could do almost anything, besides granting an Angel, Death or Heavenly, the wish of taking away their wings. Most Angels hate their wings. Their wings are large, atleast 14 feet across, and they are always outstretched. You may think kts super but the humans knew.

They knew almost too much...
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