Blogger and the Flirt

Acacia is an average girl. She goes to school, she has nice friends, she has her sports, everything is normal about this girl. Well, except for one thing. She's a "tumblr girl" meaning that people reblog and heart her pictures and posts like no tomorrow. Even One Direction knows about her. What happens when Harry notices Acacia at a 1D meet-and-greet? This is the story of Acacia Clark and Harry Styles, slowly falling in love. Or in other words, the blogger and the flirt.


4. Ohmygodhecalledmeloveasdfghjkl

*Harry's P.O.V.*

"You've gone mad, Harry," I mumbled to myself as I furiously tugged at my hair, looking at Acacia's tumblr - like always.

"Harry?" someone knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"

I turned down the volume on my speakers, exiting out of Acacias tumblr page.

"Yeah," I muttered, opening up twitter.

@Mrs.Styles: @Harry_Styles I love you sooososo much baby! ;)

@1D_Take_Me_Home: @Harry_Styles follow me? I love you!

@FuckEverythingYouAllSuck: @Harry_Styles lol you have zero talent.#sorrynotsorry

@PrincessOfTheWorld: @Harry_Styles I bet I could be better than any of those other girls you've been with ;)

@Couldn'tThinkOfABetterName: @Harry Styles your hair is shit but your voice is angelic. how does that work? #mindfuck

I sighed happily/unhappily as I scrolled through the tweets, most of them looking like this.

"Mate, you gotta stop torturing yourself by looking at this shit," Liam said from beside me, lightly punching my shoulder. I briefly smiled before shutting my laptop, turning to the brown eyed boy beside me.

"What'cha need?" I asked, adjusting myself so I was sitting criss-cross.

"Zayn said we should call the girls, see if they wanna hang," Liam told me, holding out his phone. My eyes lit up at the thought of Acacia - her soft eyes and flowing hair.

Or, in other words, perfection.

"Stop your daydreaming of Acacia and answer me," Liam chuckled from infront of me. I blushed lightly.

"Yeah, call 'em I guess."

"If you insist..." Liam tsked. I rolled my eyes, and layed back, waiting for the girls to answer.

"Acacia? Yeah, hi, it's Liam."

"Oh hey Liam," I heard Acacia on the other side of the phone.

"LIAM PAYNE?! ACACIA HAND OVER THE PHONE NOW OR I'LL PUNCH YOU IN THE BOOBS!" I heard Payton scream from the other end. Liam and I both laughed.

"Hold on," Acacia said, laughing herself. I smiled. Liam then turned it on speaker, noticing I was wanting to listen in.

"HAAIII LEEYUM!" Payton screamed over the phone. Liam and I both laughed loudly.

"Hello love," Liam said sweetly.

Oh what a gentlemen.

Note the sarcasm.

"He just called me love," Payton whispered, and seconds later we heard a 'thump' sound and a laughing Acacia. We then heard shuffling, and Acacia was now on the phone.

"Sorry, Payton, uh..." Acacia trailed off, chuckling. "She kind of passed out?"

Liam and I both chuckled. "That's normal, I guess. Do you girls want to hang out? The boys and I have nothing to do." 

"Um..." Acacia murmured. "Yeah, we have nothing to do either. Where should we meet up?"

Liam glanced at me and I shrugged. Just then, a devilish smirk arouse on Liam's face.

"How about you girls just come here?"

My eyes widened and it took everything in me not to go and kill Liam right then and there.

Is he TRYING to embarrass the fuck out of me?!

Yes, yes he is.

Acacia responded. "Yeah sure! Text me your address we'll be over in about 10 or so."

"Alright, see ya soon."

"Bye love."

"Bye Liam."

Liam clicked the end button and sighed happily, standing up and walking out of the room. He stopped at the doorway and slowly turned around.

"I like Acacia. Don't go breaking her heart, alright? She's a keeper."

"But we're not even dat-" I started to say before Liam shut the door and ran down the stairs. I sighed and layed back on the bed.

"She's a keeper, that's for sure..." I mumbled, a loopy grin spreading on my face.

What's gotten into you, Styles?

A/N: Sorry for the delay in updating! There was a shit load of stuff going on. Buuuut I'm back and I'll try to update everyday! WHEWWW YEAH LONG CHAPTERS YEAH. Haha? No?

okay :c

Annywaays, feedback? Much appreciated! c: I thought this was an interesting chapter >.< Haha Payton's quite the fangirl, am I right?

I should really stop rambling.

Okay bye.


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