Blogger and the Flirt

Acacia is an average girl. She goes to school, she has nice friends, she has her sports, everything is normal about this girl. Well, except for one thing. She's a "tumblr girl" meaning that people reblog and heart her pictures and posts like no tomorrow. Even One Direction knows about her. What happens when Harry notices Acacia at a 1D meet-and-greet? This is the story of Acacia Clark and Harry Styles, slowly falling in love. Or in other words, the blogger and the flirt.


1. Introductions

Acacia Clark

17 years young, loves the color blue and anything chocolate.

Some might say she's quite famous, with her pictures and posts scattered around tumblr.

She thinks she's average, which she is. Average with exquisite beauty.

She loves Harry Styles, and little does she know, Harry loves her too.

Even though they've never exactly met.


Harry Styles.

18. 3rd place runner-up in the 2010 UK X-Factor with his band, One Direction.

He came up with the name.

He's pretty average too, minus the angelic voice and shit loads of girls at his feet everyday.

Average with jaw-dropping talent.

He knows of Acacia, and is quite fond of her tumblr page.

You could say he's developed a strong crush.

He just hopes to meet her one day.

Well, Harry, what if that day was today?



A/N: I know it's short but it's just mini bio's right now. The real story starts NEXT chapter and it will be up tomorrow. Thanks loves, goodnight xx

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