Only time will tell

Katy is a regular girl living a regular life... Until she looses her plane ticket to Toronto and gets stuck in London. Her life soon flips upside down when she meets the boys of One Direction. Will she fall for HIM? or will she be left alone wondering what could have been?


7. Zayn...

Louis's POV

I glared at Zayn and motioned him to follow me, i lead him upstairs and walked into my room, i shut the door behind me and motioned him to talk. "Okay... When the power went out i took it as an opportunity and lead Katy up here." Zayn was talking but i couldn't hear a single word he was saying it all sounded like mumbled to me, maybe my rage was taking over. Then i heard his say something "Then i kissed her." I widened my eyes, why was i so jealous? I've kissed her, shes not my girlfriend... i should be happy for Zayn. "Why did you dare her to kiss harry? If she didn't know who kissed her? He was downstairs he yelled that he found the flashlight!" I screamed, Zayns face filled with realization and he laughed "Oh yeah.. Oops. I guess its just Niall and I now, she already knows how your lips feel." I realized what would happen, she would kiss Zayn and Niall in order to figure it out. Great.Just great. 

Katy's POV

I heard Zayn and Louis walk down the stairs so i decided to go to the bathroom, maybe Zayn will follow? I shut the door and stood there for a good 8 minutes before i heard a lovely Irish boy's Accent. "Katy, you okay?" I opened the door and said "Yes, i was waiting for either you or Zayn to come here." His eyes widened "Oh... why?" He said coming in and shutting the door behind him, i took a deep breath and explained what happened upstairs and how i needed to kiss Him and Zayn to figure out who it was. He blushed. I placed my hand on the back of his neck and he gently touched the sides of my face He leaned in and Kissed me softly, but with passion. I didn't want to stop. I put my arms completely around his neck and he moved his hands down to hold my waist we started walking back wards toward the counter and he lifted me up onto it. He wasn't the one who kissed me in the Hallway. He moved his hands to the middle of my back and tried to un-do my bra. then it dawned on me. Zayn! Zayn kissed me in the hallway! I Pulled away from Niall and said "Zayn... Zayn kissed me in the hallway..." His face became soft and he put me back down on the ground "I know..." He said kissing my forehead. 

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