Only time will tell

Katy is a regular girl living a regular life... Until she looses her plane ticket to Toronto and gets stuck in London. Her life soon flips upside down when she meets the boys of One Direction. Will she fall for HIM? or will she be left alone wondering what could have been?


10. Tell me sooner

Liam's POV

Louis walked in and lead Katy upstairs, Zayn wasn't back yet. I walked outside to see Zayn sitting on the ground with his hands in his face, crying. "Zayn, what happened?" I asked, Zayn looked up at me and said every detail about what Lou had said. Zayn told Louis he loved her? Brave Man. "Zayn, Maybe you should talk to Katy instead of Louis tell her how you feel?" Zayn gave me a look of horror and said "Are you crazy! If i tell her how i feel then she'll.... she'll....." I inturupted him "She'll what Zayn?" "She'll never speak to me again, Liam!" and with that Zayn ran inside and locked himself in his bedroom. 

Harry's POV

I heard a door slam so i walked outside to see who was being so noisy, everyone's door was open except for Zayns, I walked over and Knocked. "Go away, Liam, or Louis, or Katy, whoever you are." I laughed and said "Its the pizza man! Harry!" I heard Zayn giggle and unlock the door. "What wrong?" I asked as i sat down on the chair in his room "I told Louis i loved Katy and he told me to get over her! This is crazy." Zayn buried his face in his pillow as he told me the rest of the story. We need to have a group discussion about this, by group i mean everyone but Lou and Katy. 

Niall's POV

Harry called everyone down to the living room except Louis and Katy, whats going on? "Harry, what is it?" Everyone asked "Listen, Can we all agree that Lou and Katy are happy together? or no?" We all nodded our heads "Okay, so they're happy. but someone in this room isn't happy at all." He turned his head to Zayn, i noticed his eyes were puffy, was he crying? "Zayn?" I asked "Listen guys, I love Katy but now she's dating Lou, and he told me to back off. What do i do?" I could see the pain in his face as he told us. "Try to find a new girl?" I suggested, everyone glared at me, Bad suggestion. "Wait, what made you like her so much?" i asked curiously "When we saw her at Nandos everything turned upside down. Shes amazing, i mean guys.. its 5am and we're not sleeping because we were having so much fun with her being here!" We all laughed "I kissed her in the hallway when the power went out, and felt the biggest connection ever between us, it was intense.  A part of me wonders if she felt the same... but i don't want to kiss her again because i think Lou would kill me." we all exchanged hugs with Zayn after he told us

Katy's POV

All i wanted was a glass of water, not to hear Zayn confess his love for me. Did they even know i was on the stairs? I slowly walked down the stairs trying to shake off this shocked look i have on my face, i passed the boys and they all shut up. Great, now its an Awkward silence. Zayn followed me into the Kitchen while the rest of the boys awkwardly went to bed. "Katy.... I-" I cut him off "You should've told me how you felt, i mean its been a day and i'm dating Louis. after a day of meeting him... this just seems to weird.. and to fast.. i'm talking to him about it right now." And with that i left.

Louis's POV

Katy walked back into my room with her glass of water. "Lou, we've known eachother for a day... do you think me being your girlfriend is taking it to fast?" she said this slowly, i thought about it and realized she's right... its been to fast, i hardly know her! I nodded my head and with that we we're officially broken up... for now.

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