Only time will tell

Katy is a regular girl living a regular life... Until she looses her plane ticket to Toronto and gets stuck in London. Her life soon flips upside down when she meets the boys of One Direction. Will she fall for HIM? or will she be left alone wondering what could have been?


2. She's Perfect


Katy's POV

I looked around at all of them amazed at who was right infront of me, One Direction was right infront of me! "Can i get your something, Love?" Asked louis shyly "No thanks" I said with a smile "Do you have a place to stay?" Asked Harry I just looked at him and Shaked my head, no. "Oh! well we're all going to my place to have a movie night, wanna come?" Harry kind of hesitated at that last part, but i didn't mind it. I couldn't help but notice Louis Eyeing me down. "Sure, If thats okay with you guys..." I said Turning to the boys. "Oh yes, Its fine babe" Zayn said smileing, He has a cute smile. We all got into Harrys car and drove off. Harrys flat was huge! He unlocked the door and all i smelt was the sweet, sweet smell of bacon. All the guys ran straight to the kitchen and uncovering the pile of bacon under a cloth sitting on the counter. "Hey! Thats for breakfast!" Harry said laughing, rushing over to pri Nialls hands off the bacon. I walked over to the couch and sat down, quite comfortable. 

Louis's POV

Out of the corner of my eye i saw Katy sit down on the couch so i decided to take this as an opportunity to sit beside her, she was quite pretty. "Want anything to eat, love?" I asked "No thanks, lou" She said smiling at me. I moved a little closer to her and she didn't seem to mind that much so i made it look like an accident and moved my hand to hers quickly saying sorry and that i was trying to fix my pants. She blushed. Zayn ran over to Katy and I and sat right beside us, putting his arm around me jokingly. "What movie will it be, boys?" Asked Liam "Toy Story!"I yelled Katy looked at me like i was her favorite person in the whole wide world. "Do you guys have the new one? Its my favorite" She said trying to cover up her blushing face. "Indeed we do, mam." Said liam putting it into the DVD player. Shortly after Niall came over with an arm full of food and set it down on the table infront of us. Harry went over to his fancy light switch and dimmed the lights, Giving me a Wink. Katy slowly put her head on my shoulder and i held her hand. She's Perfect.

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