Only time will tell

Katy is a regular girl living a regular life... Until she looses her plane ticket to Toronto and gets stuck in London. Her life soon flips upside down when she meets the boys of One Direction. Will she fall for HIM? or will she be left alone wondering what could have been?


9. Just got to get over her

Louis's POV

Katy said yes! She's my girlfriend, i cant believe Katy is my girlfriend. in all honesty i just wanted to talk to her outside about Zayn but i got caught up in how beautiful she looked and it just slipped out, I'm so glad it did. 

Zayn's POV

I saw Louis and Katy kissing outside and i knew that he had asked her out, i just knew it. Its one of those gut feelings you get when your heart is being ripped out of your chest. That's how i know. They came back inside "Everyone, Katy is now my girlfriend!" Louis announced and Liam ran over to congratulate him. I just stood there, i didn't know what to say. I guess i'll go to bed, Harry and Niall had the same idea as they sauntered up the stairs. "I'm going to bed, Night." I said smileing at Katy "Night, Zayn" Said Katy holding onto Louis. This was just to much to handle for one day.

Liam's POV

Zayn walked away, he usually has a spring in his step or he does a weird hand gesture.... This time... Nothing. I excused myself from Louis and Katys company and rushed to the top of the stairs to catch up with Zayn "Hey, man you okay?" I asked placing my hand on Zayns shoulder to turn him around. I could see his eyes filling with water and a few tears escaped his eyes. "No, no Liam i'm not okay... Louis... He's dating Katy and there is nothing i can do about it. it kills me." That last part rang through my head a few times, it kills him? I never knew he liked her that much, he needs to talk to Louis. "Zayn, go talk to Louis. I'll keep Katy company till you're done." Zayn Nodded and walked back downstairs.

Zayn's POV

"Louis" I said walking up to him trying not to let anymore tears escape my eyes "Yes, Zayn?" He replied "I need to talk to you alone for a minute, please." I grabbed his arm and dragged him outside "What is it? Katy's waiting for me." That last part stung. Does he even know i like her? "Lou... You're dating Katy and i'm not okay with it. The moment i first saw her i was speechless! I couldn't say a damn thing! I kissed her in the hallway when the power went out to feel something, and i felt the biggest connection ever. I don't expect you to under-" Louis cut me off "You what? Y-You kissed her? You're the one who kissed her?!" I just nodded my head and let him continue "Shes been going nuts trying to figure out who it was! She kissed Niall and realized it wasnt him so it was between you and Liam and its you?! Zayn why didnt you tell me you liked her?" I bent my head down to the floor and spoke quietly "I love her, Lou..." Louis lifted my head up exposing my puffy eyes and the tears streaming down my face. "Zayn, I love her to. Try to get over her, mate." The words played over in my head as Louis walked away from me, leaving me alone.

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