Only time will tell

Katy is a regular girl living a regular life... Until she looses her plane ticket to Toronto and gets stuck in London. Her life soon flips upside down when she meets the boys of One Direction. Will she fall for HIM? or will she be left alone wondering what could have been?


6. Darkness

Katy's POV

I heard harry yell that he found a flashlight and whoever kissed me ran down the hall, i know for a fact that it wasn't Louis, His lips didn't feel like that. I walked downstairs to see all the boys sitting in a circle laughing. "Whats going on?" I asked walking over to sit next to Louis and Zayn. "Oh... Nothing." Said Zayn nudging me. Zayn has been really close to me lately, did he kiss me? or was it Harry? No.. Niall? This is all so confusing. "Lets play truth or dare!" Yelled Louis jumping up and down, we all agreed and Niall went off to find a bottle. When he came back i spun it and it landed on Harry "Truth or Dare?" I asked "Dare!" He yelled back, I took a minute to think of something "I dare you to Hold Liams hand until we're done playing!" All the boys laughed at the suggestion and Harry scooted closer to Liam and Seductively Picked up his hand to hold it. Louis was dieing of laughter by now. 


Zayn's POV

The bottle span again and this time landed on me, oh great. "Truth or Dare Zayn!" Harry said winking "Umm...Truth" All the boys sighed and Harry spoke "Have you kissed a girl in the past 48 hours?" All the boys OOOed and i confidently said "Yes." Louis jumped up and said "Well! Who's the lucky girl, mate?" I glanced at Ally who was looking slightly confused and i replied to Lou "A an never kisses and tells, sorry man." I spun the bottle and It landed on Katy "Truth or Dare?" Katy looked at me and thought to herself for a couple seconds. "I'm going to regret this but... Dare." All the boys darted their heads towards me. I couldnt dare her to kiss me, or Louis, she knows what that feels like. Maybe i could dare her to kiss Harry just so she can scratch off that he didn't kiss her in the hallway. I gave Louis an apologetic look and said "I dare you to kiss harry." All the boys heads snapped over to Harry and he blushed. Katy Crawled over to him and clasped her hands on his face, leaned in and... the power came back on. "Yay! Powers back! Lets finnish watching Silent Hill!" Shouted Niall. Thank god. I really didn't want her to kiss him, I want her.

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