The Running River Road

I live on a road called Jackson Street in Trenton, Ga, and my whole street plus the whole area I live in use to be a huge river, not its just pebble rocked land at the base of a mountain. So this is the story of how i found the secret of the forgotten river in the town that was never signed into the union until 1939.


3. Problems arise

As I mentioned, I found a strange gold bracelet. I was entranced with it, it was a dull gold with bright blue stones of various colors, and fishes engraved and embossed all over it. Upon a closer light I noticed a strange writing on it, and for some reason I began to hear the sound of a river. At first I just thought it was because of the design of the bracelet and I just thought it was my imagination. While looking at it, I heard on the wind a sound I knew wasn't my imagination, the wail of a police siren, so in a panic I jumped up and ran to the gate and left the yard at a fast walk. The whole way there I kept hearing the river, and under the sounds of whispers, they sounded shocked and angry, but I ignored them and just kept walking.

To be honest my yard is a bit creepy, especially at night. It has leafless trees during winter and its a long gravel drive way with junk cars and a run down trailer at the end of it. Though I am use to it, so I continue down the drive way and walk up my porch and walk inside, where my older brother ask me where I was. I'll be honest it startled me, but it was normal, so I just told him its none of his business and put my stuff up in the living room before going into my bedroom. As I walk into it I shut and lock my door and walk to the bathroom and turn on the light. I looked into the mirror and noticed my eyes were full of panic still, and I noticed my hands were shaking and as I look down at them I noticed something. I was still clutching the bracelet, and I lift my hand up and drop it into the sink, and noticed to my surprise the imprint of the stranger letters in my palm and nothing else. Still shaking I turn on the water to wash the dirt off the bracelet, which caused it to glow even brighter than before. I hold it up to look at it after cleaning it and was amazed at how beautiful it was, but I began to hear the river and whispers even louder now, and I glanced at the mirror....and to my shock there was some one there. I dropped the bracelet onto the sink and turned around to see no one any more. I slowly turned around and put my hands into the water just to fill burning, I looked at them and on my left hand where I clutched the bracelet just the moment before began to lightly glow blue while it burned the symbols into my hand. As soon as it stopped doing that it started to bleed, I wrapped it and went and sat down on my bed shaking, confused, and scared out of my mind, then the last thing I remembered that night was hearing a light whisper in my ear saying "We shall meet soon." and then I fell asleep.

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