The Running River Road

I live on a road called Jackson Street in Trenton, Ga, and my whole street plus the whole area I live in use to be a huge river, not its just pebble rocked land at the base of a mountain. So this is the story of how i found the secret of the forgotten river in the town that was never signed into the union until 1939.


2. Possiable Treasure

Treasure, a word that will get anyone's attention. It is also what brought me to Old-Man Wheelers yard that Friday Night. Recently I have a acquired a metal detector and I have been using it on the side of Lookout mountain trying to find Civil War artifacts. So I had the bright idea to go into his yard one day on my way home from work. I pack up the gear needed, and set off at around eleven p.m. Of course I choose to go on this adventure during winter, but I'm lucky it's not that cold in Georgia, at least if you wear a jacket and beanie. I get to the fence to the yard and look around to make sure no one is up and about, and then I just open the gate and walk in. Now I know some of those reading this account is disappointed because there was no sneaking or such, but I live in a small town on a small street.

So to pick up, I just got into the yard without any trouble. It's what you would expect of a dead man's yard, it hadn't been mowed or anything in the years so it has tall grass. I walked to the back yard's left corner of the fence and began there, with no lights and moving slowly as not to be spotted easily. Which, to be honest, is hard to do for a pretty large guy. To cut to the chase, I did find a few things, like rusty nails and such, and to gather these objects I would get low to the ground, turn on my flash light and dig till the detected object was found. I was half way through the yard, and just about to give up hope when my metal detector gave a different sound then what I was getting earlier. The detector has two sounds it emits, one for regular metal and the other for precious metals. I heard this sound and was pretty excited so I dropped to the ground real fast and turned on the flashlight, then began digging. What I found was not what I was expecting, a gold bracelet. To be honest I thought maybe a gold ring, but this was a very wide bracelet with strange blue stones set into it, and fishes engraved and embossed on it.

Little did I know, this bracelet should have be left a lone, for when I picked it up, I began to hear, and later to see them.

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