The Running River Road

I live on a road called Jackson Street in Trenton, Ga, and my whole street plus the whole area I live in use to be a huge river, not its just pebble rocked land at the base of a mountain. So this is the story of how i found the secret of the forgotten river in the town that was never signed into the union until 1939.


1. History of the old river.

Most of the people who just recently moved to Jackson Street doesn't know what people mean when they mention Old-Man Wheeler. Wheeler was an older gentleman, stressing the gentle part, who had the nasty habit of calling the cops on everything his dog barked at. Everyone heard the stories of this crazy old man, from him pulling a shotgun on a group of friends who wrecked into his fence (while not wearing any clothing what so ever), to being thrown into a squad car by yelling and swinging at a cop telling him to get off his road. No one went near his house if they could help it, which was hard since his front yard was on Jackson Street, and his back on Gulch Road, the road after ours. But as I Mentioned, no one who just moved here knows of him, because Old-Man Wheeler has been dead for a few years now, and its his yard that is the reason I am writing this account of that very strange and unforgettable weekend, even though this telling could cause problems between the agreement, but I will get to that in good time.

That was just a bit of history to mention the location I was at when everything began, but I do think I need to mention a bit of history about Jackson Street. The street is at the base of Lookout Mountain here in Trenton, and who knows how many years ago it was, but the whole of the Piney area, which consist of many streets and roads, including Jackson, was a large river. The whole area is famous for its piney rocks, which is just the old river bed. Though who knows when people started living on Jackson Street, I mean Trenton wasn't signed into the Union until around 1939 when it was rediscovered after being cut off from the rest of the country. So it's not surprising to find what I found, though it is surprising that I would not make it big news. It seems I'm getting ahead of myself once again, so I do believe it's time I get on with the story, which began like any other boring repetitive weekend for me.

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