The Running River Road

I live on a road called Jackson Street in Trenton, Ga, and my whole street plus the whole area I live in use to be a huge river, not its just pebble rocked land at the base of a mountain. So this is the story of how i found the secret of the forgotten river in the town that was never signed into the union until 1939.


4. Guns and Meetings what could go wrong?

I a woke early on Saturday, actually around seven in the morning. Alex (my younger brother), my dad, and me have just recently acquired a .45 glock each, and was going to use the day to try them out at a local rock wall gun range type place down the road. That was the plan, shoot a few guns, than relax for the rest of the day, but I guess you can say fate and pure dumb luck decided to get rid of that idea. So I got out of bed wondering if last night was a dream or not, and walked into the bathroom to do my business, and that is when I saw the bracelet just sitting there, lets say it wasn't to hard to go any more. I try to ignore it and leave with my gun case and bullets to go to my grandmother's house next door for some breakfast. I set the gun in the truck because my mom hates them, and proceed into the house to find a bite to eat. After throwing something into the microwave I go sit down on the couch to talk to my mom and brother, and then they looked at me strange and asked where I got the bracelet I was wearing. Boy was I scared when I noticed that thing wrapped around my wrist after I was sure I've left it in the bathroom. So in the end I said that its nothing, just something I found at a store yesterday and bought it because I liked it.

To skip ahead, I finished breakfast then we left to go shoot some, which I hope would settle my nerves. I rode in the bed of the truck like I always do, but this time instead of the wind, all that could be heard was the sound of rushing water and the whispering again. This time the whispering was louder and parts could be heard, like "he did it", "stole it", "they will get him". So I'll be honest, I was scared to death. Couldn't stop shaking, twitching, looking around, and fidgeting with the bracelet. As soon as the noise came it left and we were at the shooting place. I set up the targets like usual, then walked down and loaded my gun. We was there shooting taking turns and placing bets, so the normal, but then I noticed someone up on the hill where we were shooting. I told them wait a second I thought I saw someone, so I just put my gun on safety and put it in the holster on my side. Call me what ever you want, but after what was happening, I was not going to go into a wooded hill without something to defend myself. To bad it wouldn't help, cause a gun is useless against water.

I get up the hill and start looking around when I heard a whisper in my ear like last night that kept saying "this way". So I followed it slowly, my hand always hovering over the gun shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. Eventually I crested a hill and saw a group of people in blue scale design robes. To be honest I thought I came upon a cult, how I wish it was a cult now. They were whispering to themselves but stopped when I came into view. Then next thing I knew they were around me, in a panic I pulled the gun out and some how got safety off before popping a few rounds off into the one in front of me. What shocked me is that he laughed as the bullets went through him and he then grabbed my hand with the gun and pointed it down. "You don't have to fear us, for we are going to help the wrong you have committed". Of course I would listen to the man who didn't get hurt when I shot him. So they go on to tell me the bracelet I found was cursed and that I will soon come to know what is going to happen. Then after that they vanished, nothing else can be said, they told me I was wearing a cursed bracelet and that something bad will happen.

I know you are all disappointed, but there was no "you are the only hope to save so and so" or "you have a great destiny to fulfill" but that's what happened. I was shocked as well, so I walked back to my dad and brother in a haze and they asked me why I shot my gun. I couldn't say anything, I just shook my head, put my gun up, and sat in the truck staring into nothingness as the sound of a river came to me and a strange laughter.

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