The Running River Road

I live on a road called Jackson Street in Trenton, Ga, and my whole street plus the whole area I live in use to be a huge river, not its just pebble rocked land at the base of a mountain. So this is the story of how i found the secret of the forgotten river in the town that was never signed into the union until 1939.


5. A lovely spring and demon fish?

My dad and brother finally finished shooting, and got into the trunk and we were on our way back home. When we got to the turn on to Jackson Street it was full of people, and we were really confused. So we all hopped out and asked a stranger what was going on, and what he said shocked us, for Jackson Street is a dead in road and at the end of it is a newly made spring with a river coming from the mountain. So we drove up to our drive way and then got out and walked up to the end of the road, and sure enough there was a spring, slowly forming into a pool of water. I was already terrified, so this didn't help any, and neither did what was in the water.

At first I thought it was just me seeing things, then I wished it was, but I wasn't. Within the forming pool was a dark shape that was the size of a smart car. As I stepped up to the edge it rose to the surface, and if you ever saw a Tiger fish imagine that but even scarier. No one else could see it, just me, and what was the problem is that my wrist started to burn, and so I decided to look real fast and saw the gems and my palm glow some. I looked back at it and was shocked to find it only a foot in front of me. I was so scared a pretty much jumped back and took of walking fast towards home with an idea forming in my mind on what to do.

The first thing I did when I got home was called work to tell them I wouldn't be able to come in due to sickness. After doing that I decided to do what I do best and try to find information on the bracelet starting with the writings. And oh to my surprise the writing was Cherokee, which use to live in this area, before Andrew Jackson. So I searched the alphabet to find out what it said, and I turns out to translate to "Antheta" which turned out to be the name of a minor river guardian/spirit/god. I got the information I needed now all there was to do was prepare for what was needed to be done.

The list of items include: a bag, water, something to eat for the journey, an iron knife made from a rail road spike (iron is the only thing that can be used against spirits and such, at least thats what the internet said. Kind'ov hoping I didn't have to try it.), rope, a regular knife, the bracelet, some paint and brushes, and notebook with the Cherokee alphabet.

The plan was simple, but the outcome was not what I was hoping for, but yet it was.

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