Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


15. Wild Night

-Louis' POV- 

I walked Ellie home 
"Hey sorry I can't go tonight..." She said 
"It's ok" I said kissing her forehead 
"Are you still going out?" She asked 
"Yeah, Harry is taking me to a party Karleigh is throwing" I said putting my hands in my pockets 
"Did Kelsey cancel on him?" Ellie asks 
"No, she's going too it's going to be a huge party! I wish you could come" I said putting my hands on her waist 
"I know, but don't drink to much ok? The last thing I need is for you to show up on a cops show running from them with a disorderly conduct charge above your head" she said 
"Ok I won't drink to much love you" I said 
"Love you too" she said I kissed her gently. 

-Harry's POV- 

"So Zayn how many people are going to be there tonight?" I asked Zayn who was on speaker phone 
"It ranges in the hundreds it's going to be big" he says 
"Ok, is it bring your own beer or does she have enough?" I asked 
"She's got plenty" Zayn assured me 
"Good I plan on getting shit to the faced" I said 
"Liam's coming Niall isn't. He said he was busy" 
"Aww Liam's coming. It's like having my dad on my back." I said 
"No he promised not to father us and he said he wants to have fun too." Zayn says 
"That's what he always says. Even if he can drink now he never gets off my back about how I'm the youngest so he needs to watch my back and all that shit. If he gets on my back I swear to god I will roufee him." I said Zayn laughs on the other end. 


We pulled up to the house I took Kelsey's hand she held into my forearm with her other hand. 
We walked into the house shaking with the blasting music. 
Feel this moment by Pitbull and Christina Aguilera was on. Blasting so loud I could feel the beat in my throat. It had just started. The beat was just picking up. Liam grabbed a red cup from a guy and tipped it back and threw it on the ground 
"Lets get this party started." He said walking off shock was on all of our faces 
"I'm going with him" Louis said following Liam I looked at Kelsey 
"Dance floor?" She asked 
"Lead the way babe" 

-Louis' POV- 

Zayn and Karleigh found us. They sat with me and Liam as we played beer pong. 
Liam was drinking more than I've ever seen him drink I liked this Liam. He was like me. 
I tried to keep a cap on my drinking but Liam was so good at beer pong... Ah what am I saying I was living by Harry's motto. Act now think later. I got a text I answered it 
Ellie: Hey babe, how's the party? 
Louis: Good. Liam's better at beer pong then I could have dreamt he was
Ellie: your keeping a limit right? 
Louis: of course love no worries! 
Ellie: ok I love you 
Louis: love ya too babe 
I put my phone in my pocket and sat back as Liam went to the dance floor. I started to talk to Zayn and karleigh whn I started to search the crowed for the youngsters 
"Hey where's Harry and Kelsey?" I asked Zayn shrugged karleigh shrugged also I sighed me grabbed another red cup and tipped it back. The music changed to Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake

-Liam's POV- 

I walked threw the crowed when I bumped into a really cute girl 
"Hey wanna dance?" I asked 
"Yeah!" She said I smiled we danced close when in my drunken state I made a move, I slammed my lips onto hers she didnt reject our tongues entered the kiss I pulled her against my chest. 

-Harry's POV- 

I was dancing with Kelsey her back to my chest I turned her around and kissed her she smiled as I spun her around I turned her into a wall and started to kiss her she let her hands explore my torso I smiled against her amazing lips. 


-Third Person POV- 

Louis had lost control of his drinking. Stutter by Marianas Trench was blasting Louis sat on the couch beside a few girls he had started to talk to once Zayn and karleigh left to dance. He had gotten drunk with out even realizing. All of the girls were hitting on Louis, one of them caught Louis' attention her short brown hair reminded him of Miley Cyrus and her chocolate brown eyes were stunning and her figure was amazing. Her plump apple red lips were so alluring. In Louis' mind he didnt even know who Ellie was. 
The girl had introduced herself as Anna. Her hair as gelled up like Miley Cyrus' she was to Louis' left. All of the girls he shooed away. He started to flirt with Anna. 

Zayn and Karleigh crashed out in Karleigh's bed only wearing their under clothing things got a little heated until they just started laughing at each others action and passed out. 

Harry and Kelsey had been dancing all night long. 
Things got heated on the dance floor and it got a little censored so from there on they found their own room and I think you know what happened when that kind of stuff goes down ;) 

Liam did the same as Harry. We all know moral Liam right? Liam was too drunk to even process. The girl he had met had made him crazy. 
He had began to kiss her on the dance floor but we all know what would happen if you started to kiss a guy like Liam. (Well atleast I know what I would do... :p)

Anna swung herself onto Louis' lap straddling him. Louis smirked the music changed to Die Young by Kesha. 
Louis put his hands on Anna's hips she gripped at the neck of his shirt. 
"Hey what's up buddy?!" A loud coarse voice said Louis looked behind him to see a very drunk Harry followed by a wasted Kelsey. 
Louis smiled
"Lets dance!" Louis shouted running into the crowed with Harry and Kelsey following as he towed Anna deeper into the crowed pretty much every one in the room or house was shit faced. 
Louis, Anna, Kelsey and Harry formed a Grind line. 
Harry grinding on Kelsey, Louis grinded on Anna. 
Anna put her arms behind her head wrapping them around Louis' neck placing her head back on his shoulder Louis squeezed at her exposed hips. Louis grabbed another red cup from the table behind him and took a sip putting it up on the air everyone sang along with the words. 
Louis downed the rest of the beer and threw the cup on the ground. 
The bright lights flashing. Then blackness fell over Louis. 

(Louis' POV) 

I woke up my head pounding like someone was hitting it with a sledge hammer, my breath tasted of stale beer. I dreaded opening my eyes music still slightly played, C'mon by Kesha was playing well just starting. I sat up and saw Harry laying on the ground stomach down, his head facing my way I took an empty red solo cup and threw it at him it hit him in the head he groaned I looked for Kelsey not seeing her with him. I looked for everyone else. 
Harry groaned he sat up rubbing at his eyes I noticed his shirt was missing. 
"What the hell happened last night?" I asked 
"Where's your shirt?" He asked 
"No where's your shirt?" I asked 
"Only god knows... Where's Kels?" He says looking around 
"I have no clue where anyone is." I said 
"Um who's that?" Harry asked pointing to a girl with short brown hair 
I looked her over only to notice she was only wearing her panties and MY FUCKING SHIRT?! I tried my best to remember last night I knew I didn't have sex with her that's for sure I would have remembered... I think. 
Harry rolled over and crawled over to the coffee table and picked up his phone and unlocked it he stared at the screen then made a face to say "eeesh" I looked at him confused 
"What is your mum mad at you?" I asked 
"Nope, this is your phone Lou, you've got yourself one pissed off bird" he said I took the phone and read threw the texts 
Ellie: How's it going? 
Ellie: hello?
Ellie: Are you wasted? 
Ellie: Louis! 
Ellie: Louis you promised! 
Ellie: Louis! I can't believe you!
Ellie: your such an asshole
Ellie: don't ever talk to me again. 
Ellie: are you cheating on me? 
Ellie: Answer me please Louis! 
Ellie: I hope she's pregnant. 
Ellie: fuck you. 
Ellie: go to hell
Ellie: don't talk to me EVER again. 
She seemed really pissed. Doesn't she trust me? Maybe my phone died? Like holy shit calm down. 
I looked up at Harry he slowly got to his feet 
"I'm going to go look for my Birdy" Harry said he turned and started to walk and fell over knocking over a beer pong table the empty cups making a loud sound followed by the ping pong balls. I chuckled as he got up groaning and disappeared threw the doorway. 
I got up to I didn't wanna wake the girl for my shirt back so I snuck around her and looked around the house my check list of things to do... 
-Find Liam
-Find Zayn 
-Get another shirt
-Make sure Harry didnt get a concussion 
-Get the hell out of here. 
-go to Ellie's 
-fix things. 

I mentally jotted all of these things down. I walked threw the halls and went up the stairs and saw Liam sleeping with his head against the wall sitting up on the stairs 
"Liam?" I said he slowly woke up his shirt was gone and his pants were undone and he was missing a shoe. 
"Louis?" He said 
"Yeah you ok?" I asked 
"My head hurts like a bitch." He said 
"Yep welcome to my world Liam." I said I helped him up 
I checked finding Liam off the list. 
"Do you know where Zayn is?" I asked 
"Yeah I think he's in the kitchen.." Liam says I nod Harry comes out of one of the rooms 
"Guys I can't find Kelsey anywhere. Have you seen her?" He asked still kinda dazed 
"No I haven't sorry. Wanna help us find Zayn?" I asked 
"Sure I mean she knows how to get herself home right?" Harry said I nodded we walked down the stairs I pushed the door open to see Zayn sleeping on the kitchen counter on his back his arm hanging of the side his other crossed his stomach he was fully clothed but his red and black plaid shirt was unbuttoned hanging open. 
Harry walked up and slapped his forehead 
"Wake up ZZ were going home" Harry said Zayn groaned but sat up 
"Why am I on the counter?" He asked 
"You tell me..." I said he chuckled 
"Where's Karleigh?" He asked 
We shrugged 
"Why don't you guys have shirts on?" He asked he earned himself more shrugs 
"Gosh this couldn't get anymore confusing lets go so I can go home and sleep" he said 
"But you just woke up" Liam said 
"And your point is...?" Zayn said 
"Nevermind, who's driving?" Liam said we all pointed to him he sighed and led us out to the car. 


Liam dropped me at my flat. I walked to the door I walked in 
"Why aren't you wearing a shirt?" Fizzy asked 
"Some girl at the party needed it more than I did." I lied I walked up to my room walking into my bathroom I looked in the mirror I noticed a purple mark on my neck my heart sank into my stomach. I got a hickey?! 
Oh shit! Ellie will hate me even more! 
I stripped of my remaining clothes and turned on the shower I stepped in shutting the smoked glass and rinsed the sweat and party off of me. 

-Harry's POV- 

I walked in the door only to be squished in the arms of my mum 
"Where have you been?" She asked 
"The party? I thought I told you?" I said my chin rested on her shoulder she stroked my curls. 
"Oh I forgot, I was so worried about you" she said I rolled my eyes over her shoulder 
"Mum I'm not your little boy anymore" I said 
"Non sense you will always be my little boy no matter how big and tall you get, your my little boy little Harry" she said 
"Mum stop smothering him, give him some space" I heard her voice the voice I hadn't heard in centuries 
"Gemma?!" I said excitedly 
"Hey Hazz" she said I ran forward hugging my sister. She hugged me back but not like Mum. 
"I missed you baby bro" she said 
"I missed you more. How's Dad?" I said 
"Good, misses you though" she said 
"I'll go when I have time." I said 
"I'm going to shower and stuff ok?" I said 
"Good you smell like a frat boy" Gemma teases I smirk and climb the stops and of into my room and walk into the bathroom. I take off my pants and start the shower I take off the remainder of my clothing and step in. 

-Zayn's POV- 

"Niall I'm home!" I called Niall came running down the steps 
"God you look like shit Zayn what happened?" He asked
"A kick ass party is what happened" I said 
"Are the others ok?" He asked 
"yeah their ok, can you run me a tub?" I asked politely 
"Yeah but I should tell you taking a bath isn't going to get rid of those hickeys" he says and retreats back up our apartment stairs. I groan and walk up to the mirror a d rub at the purple marks on my neck. 
"Tubs ready!" Niall yelled
"K thanks!" I called up I walked up the steps stripping down throwing my clothes in my hamper I stepped into the perfect temps turned bath.

-Liam's POV- 

I walked in the door no one was home good. 
I quickly went up getting in the shower giving myself a quick scrub and rinse washing my hair and getting out of the shower drying off I had just got dressed when I heard the door open 
"Liam?!" My Mum called returning from her trip. 
"In my room!" I yelled back down. 
"Come down I got you some breakfast!" She called I smiled 
Good ol' Mum. 

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