Number 17

Ellie is Bestfriends with The Louis Tomlinson of course the other boys are her friends too but they never connected like Ellie and Louis did Louis threw away his soccer scholarship to make sure Ellie didnt fail most of her classes as they were partners in most of them Louis isn't the same without soccer of course he has One Direction to keep him going but he just isn't the same anymore Louis the fallen Captain of the London Heights Wolves just wishes Ellie would move on but secretly he misses it. Ellie will stop at nothing to return Number 17 to his place.


10. Welcome Back Captain Tomlinson!

-Ellie's POV-

I walk out the the bleachers and clutch my text book, my heart flutters when I see the jersey that only seemed to still excist in my dreams
"TOMLINSON 17" I quickly leap down skipping steps I reach the edge
"Louis!" I call he turns and sees me he comes running
"Hey Eleanora" he said I tilt my head at him
"I think your names cute" he said pecking my forehead
I notice the "C" was on his jersey and the captain sweat band was on his forearm
"So I see your captain Tomlinson once again" I said
"Yeah.." He says
"Coach let you in?" I asked
"Pssh he loves me" he said
"Yeah, so when's your game?" I asked
"There's one tonight" he said
"Tonight?! Oh my gosh I'm so excited!" I shrekied
"Hey Louis! Gotta a practice to do!" Shane yells
"Are you gonna stay and watch?" Louis asks I nod
"Of course" I said
"See you in bio then?" He said
"You bet" I said he kissed my cheek and ran back to the team.
"My Boy" I said s idling to myself and walking back to a bench and started studying.
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